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ESPN Classic Fight -- Gamaliel Diaz vs. Robert Guerrero (Dec. 2, '05)

I’m watching these two right now – just finished the 9th of 12 rounds. Featherweight bout, I think. These guys move a)so quickly (I guess to be expected at this weight) and b)so well. These guys (Diaz especially) are slipping punches I wouldn’t even see coming. Compared to other fights I’ve seen, everything seems cleaner – the misses are whiffs, and the blows that land, land. Not a lot of glancing, sloppy stuff. Guerrero I’ve heard of, but don’t know much about. Diaz, first I’ve heard of him. I’m showing my ignorance, I know, but are any of the avid fight fans on here familiar with this fight, or know more about these fighters? I’m impressed w/their movement and technique. Like I said, I know shit about this but, to me, they look a lot better than average – I mean that, to my interested but untrained eye, the guys in this fight look better than in the typical pro fight I catch on TV.

Man… last round was a war. Guerrero, announcers say, was undefeated going into this. Diaz lost a point for hitting back of the head w/12 seconds left… Diaz by split decision! Crowd was nuts all 12 rounds, too.

Hope it’s not poor form to bring up an old fight like this, but it made an impression on me and, guys, I grew up without cable…

I gotta see if I can find it online. ESPN classic plays some of the best shit… I love their old fights.