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ESPN Article on Chuck Liddell



It's pretty interesting. He comes off as a real nice guy.


Good one.

Makes you wonder how accurate it really is.


It was interesting.
The only problem I had with it was them stating Chuck Liddel is considered the best mmartist in the world and known all over the world.
They never heard of Fedor?

And the second biggest market for mma, Japan, uhhh he isn't well known.


Like three threads down man, lol.


If you are referring to him being a nice guy I would say it's accurate. I used to party at the bar he was a bartender at...everyone knew he was the baddest mofo in town but he never acted like it. He pretty much kept to his friends (and the hot chicks) but if talked to he would always be nice. He never tried to provoke a fight but there are stories of him ending them.

In general he was always considered a nice guy in San Luis Obispo. He used to be kind of like a local legend but obviously he is much bigger now. Great bartender too!


"He has on flip-flops, which reveal his toenails. They are painted an implausible neon pink."



Pink is the surest sign. That's how you can tell he's a badass. Like Brett Hart.


Where exactly are you coming from here - Its a chuck liddell article - Not a Fedor one!
He may not be well known in Japan - ill take your word for that, but he did fight in Pride on several occasions.

Pointless response really.


Nice article. MMA will be mainstream in no time with ESPN exposure.


Maybe for the same reason you won't change your avatar...just to annoy people or make them wonder.

The article makes him seem like an interesting guy.


i guess i could always pretend like i'm a professional athlete and throw up a team logo.


haha, I am assuming you are just joking. I don't think anyone thinks I am trying to pose as a proffesional athlete, especially since I have posted my height. I would have to be Earl Boykins and I wouldn't have a Laker logo. Someone MIGHT think I am a Lakers fan though. Nice try.


One of the better profile pieces I've read on an MMA athlete.


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A short list of MMA fouls, as approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission:

Butting with the head.
Eye-gouging of any kind.
Groin attacks of any kind.
Putting a finger into any orifice.
Grabbing the trachea.
Grabbing the clavicle.
Spitting at an opponent.

I think I remember "small joint manipulations" being a foul in UFC early days (like trying to break a finger). I didn't know trachea/clavicle grabs were illegal..I guess a RNC uses the forearm vs. the carotid rather than the trachea itself.

LOL @ timidity


He's saying the article calls Liddell the greatest fighter in the world when obviously Fedor is much better. And Chuck got his ass handed to him in Pride. And he did not fight in Pride on "several occassions", it was 1 event. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about


I love how knocking out Overeem in 3 minutes and losing to the number 2 or 3 LHW in the world at the time has turned into getting his ass handed to him "by the Pride organization". Also, he fought in three seperate Pride events. I think it's pretty apparent who has no idea what they are talking about.


cro cop would fuck his world up


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He fought twice. In Elimination 2003 he fought Overeem and scored a solid KO in under 5 minutes. He was then TKOed in Final Conflict. Both were good fights, worth a youtube if you have the time. They were on separate dates but I guess they were both the same tournament, was this what you meant?