Escaping the Winter Blues

For me, winter time always brings a certain level of inactivity and lack of motivation. Recently, I began taking Alpha Male and a Ginkgo Biloba supplement and it seems to have reinvigorated me. Besides copious amounts of sex, beer, and food does anyone else have an antidote to the winter blues?

visit Puerto Rico.

You could hit the gym.

Honestly, I don’t see how someone (not necessarily you) could train for over 1 or 2 years, while making decent progress, and then lost motivation.

I love this fucking game, I look forward to working out.

What you and MILLIONS suffer from is S.A.D.

Vitamin D is your friend :slight_smile:

5,000 IU a day will see you as happy as larry make sure its gel cap oil form not power/tablet as they are less bio-available.

Many happy days to you Sir ^^

full-spectrum lightbulbs work wonders.