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Escape to the funnies.....

Read your local newspaper lately? Bet ya didn’t miss the comics!

Admit it. Most people make a beeline directly to them.

Whether it’s thumbing through your daily paper skipping the sections on politics, entertainment, editorials and yeah, sometimes even sports to get to the funnies, or grabbing them out of the Sunday paper before anyone else does, they’re fun to read.

So what’s your favorite?

My all-time fav, even though it’s no longer in print, is, without a doubt, Calvin and Hobbs.

I was reading “The Authoritive Calvin and Hobbes” book today and it was the total escape I was looking for.

When it’s it’s not particularly funny, it’s clever. And no matter what, it always reminds me of some of the shit I used to pull when I was a kid.

And even scarier, I’ve got a six year old boy right now who, unfortunately, seems to be a carbon copy of Calvin.

I used to like Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, Blondie…

And Dilbert pretty much captures what goes on in the office/lab I work in most of the time.

Anyone got any comics that they love to escape the everyday BS and throw themselves into?

“Bloom County” is still my favorite ever. “Dilbert” is a close second.

Calvin and hobbs is a warm memory from my childhood. I used to try to imitate Calvin. I once asked my mom “who puked on my plate” when she served dinner. That didn;t go over too well lol


Calvin and Hobbs is still one of the all-time best.

Get Fuzzy is pretty good, and I think The Boondocks is fucking hillarious.

Non Sequiter is good, and Dilbert. There are several others that I can’t think of right now. But you’re right it’s the first, and sometimes only, part of the paper I read.

For me,
Calvin & Hobbes
Bloom County

I personally like wulffmorgenthaler.com the best, and of course anything from the far side collection (Gary Larson)

Scientific Progress Goes Boink.

Tom Sawyer.

Flip a coin.

“The world of a comic strip ought to be a special place with its own logic and life… I don’t want the issue of Hobbes’s reality settled by a doll manufacturer”

~ Bill Watterson

“Who puked on my plate?”

Too funny, groove!

Forgot about FAR SIDE

Far Side
Mallard Fillmore
Haggar the Horrible

and check out http://daybydaycartoon.com/

I keep the Tenth Aniversary Calvin and Hobbes book on my coffee table.

I’ve got a couple other books in the shitter too. I love that little bastard.

Suddenly the monster knows I’m not alone!”

A girl in college had the Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes collection laying on her nightstand, subsequently I had a zero on a missed money and banking lab quiz the next morning. Good times.

Andy cap
The LockHorns
THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN (patron saint of atleast one geek\athlete)

The snowman ones were always awesome! Thanks for the clips, Brad.

I’ve got the Tenth Anniversary Edition, too, and it really does give you an interesting insight into the mind of Bill Watterson. Too bad the guy was so temperamental.

I mean, you’ve got to admire his ethics and fierce protectiveness of his creations, but I sure wasn’t prepared to say “see ya” to C and H that soon.

What a shame.

Oh well, not too many of the great ones go out on top…

Bloom County (I remember when it was Outland)
Calvin and Hobbes
Far Side

Those are my faves.

The Far Side. I used to own nearly all of Gary Larson’s books but i lost them. DAMN!

After Watterson quit, I moved on to Foxtrot. Sherman’s Lagoon is really good, too.

What the heck happened to Garfield, though. I haven’t seen a funny Garfield strip in about 5 years.

In faith,

Talk about selling out.

Jim Davis, creator of Garfield doesn’t even draw the comic anymore. He’s got a hired staff that does it for him.

And since there haven’t been any funny ones in the last 10 years in my opinion, I’m guessing he has them write the lines, too.

What a shame. That comic used to crack me up.

garfield has some good ones now and then. for current comics, i like foxtrot, get fuzzy, non sequitur, zits, and bound&gagged. classics are calvin and hobbes, far side, and outland.

Calvin and Hobbes always had the best insights into life. Non Sequiter (sp?) is out there, I love it. And Get Fuzzy is onne of the best strips to come along in the last ten years. I would swear they based Bucky on my sisters cat!

The Far Side is my all time favorite. I have most of the Gary Larson books, including one called Weiner Dog Art. It’s all comics with daczhunds(don’t mind the spelling in them. I also like the Lockhorns.