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Escape the Undead. An Immersive Weightlifting Experience

I wanted to post a workout I do every Halloween
I call it escape the undead ( it’s an immersive weightlifting experience)
You’ll need…
Squat Rack
2 Barbells
Place to run or a treadmill
Climbing wall ( preferred)
Zombie Run App
Haloween themed playlist
Costume ( optional, I’m not a big costume wearer)

The workout consists of a series of supersets/ trisets
3x10 with 60 seconds of rest between supersets / trisets is to be used during the “safe” lifting portion
No rest! is permitted when the zombies attack, and the superset must continue until you are “ safe”… zombies don’t rest why should you
Here’s the workout and the storyline

Set up a loaded barbell on the floor and a bench with a loaded barbell adjacent .
Turn on the zombie run app and some Halloween themed music… MJs Thriller is great for this, lay down on the bench… now close your eyes

You awake and you are in a half open coffin in what appears to be a dark cave… the lid of the coffin is heavy … hope you ready…
1st superset
Guillitine Bench Press w DEADlifts

Ok great your out of the coffin, you look around and all you can see is broken skulls before you have time to think your here heavy breathing and look up to see what appears to be a 8 foot tall green man… it’s Frankenstein’s Monster!! You better kick his ass
2nd superset
SKULL crushers and Frankenstein stance squats
Ok your safe from Frankie’s but you need to get out of that cave because you are hearing some weird noises around. This place is gross covered in bats, spiders, and dead bodies get out of there!
Dead march w spider curls w bar wings

Ok your out of the cave… u turn to your left and there is a massive sworm of Zombies!!.. u better run like hell

Run for 2 miles

Ok now your out of breath but the sworm is still approaching, you see a factory in the distance with no stairs for zombies to climb
This is where you will call home for the night but you’ve got to climb to get to a non zombie floor

Mixed grip pull-ups for 1 minute or climbing wall

You’ve made it !.. you are safe… for now

Let me know if anyone enjoyed the workout and post photos if anyone did it in costume

Jesus christ


in all the forums you’ve posted this on, has this ever actually happened?


Guess that’s a pretty tall request… what did you think of the workout?

My thought was “what the hell did I just read?”.


Get drunk first

Seems a pretty tough session. This is not my thing but I can see some folks getting into the spirit of the workout.

Are you recruiting for some weird circle jerk at the end?

Sounds like CrossFit wod

I’m actually so down to do this

Someone will be sacraficed