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Error in my article

Hi there, a careful reader pointed out that in one of my paragraphs (massive eating 2) the numbers dont add up. I think it has proportions of 50% 25% 15%. Since this doesnt add up to 100, he’s right. I didnt think I made errors so Ill just blame chris sugart and say that he probably just edited it incorrectly or something :slight_smile: Na, Im just kidding. Actually it should be 50 35 15 as seen elsewhere in the paragraph. Hope no one is mad at me :slight_smile:

Thought both articles were great. quick question about calcium casienate. You stated in your earlier article on the post workout drink about glucagon release due to too much protein. Well could calcium casienate be ingested, not post workout, at larger doses(10 to 20 grams more than recommended) do to its slow digestion.

I’m mad honey. You ruined my diet for a whole day. I’m coming over and giving you 100 lashes with a wet floppy noodle, and yours’ better not be.

John, thanks for clearing this up. I came to the forum expressly to poke a little fun at your math skills, but it doesn’t look like I need to. On a side note, that much protein is going to get expensive! At 4000 calories per day, 35% is 350 grams of protein!

Monica, honey, dont you remember what happened the last time you brought the noodle? The neighbors swear that if that ever happens again I’ll get evicted.
I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…Im too fast for you, Jeremy! Im the only one who can rip on my math skills damn it! :slight_smile:
About the protien thing, you’re right so that’s why I do mostly powders. They are much cheaper than eating all whole foods. I get about 400g per day and about 50-60% of that is powder. Think of it this way though, you can probably go off the boron and similax now that you know how to eat properly. The money you save can go toward protein!