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Error in Calculations and Sprints


Hey guys.

I started the 5/3/1 program 2 1/2 months ago and I LOVE it. I think i found my calling. I've been lifting for almost 9 years and never have I been so pulled to a program like this one.

My question is I've been making a mistake the past couple of months. Instead of calculating 90 per max I've been calculating from my 100 per max...what should I do???? Just adjust???

Also should I do sprints on off days or the days I lift (I'm currently doing the BBB version of the 531). I usually do Cosgrove Evil 8 twice a week and skip rope the other 2 days(10 min) after I lift.

Any suggestions about sprints and adjustments?


How many reps are you getting on the PR sets?
And 2.5 months = partway through your 4th cycle, I assume?

If you're hitting rep PRs and don't feel like you're struggling, my temptation would be stick it out until cycle 5 is complete and apply the 5 forward, 2-3 back rule.


I'm doing well on them. I'm hitting 2 on the squat, deadlift and press but where I'm struggling for the PR set is the bench press. It's a killer, I barely get 1.

No I'm partway through my third (3 weeks plus 1 deload week).


If you're getting 2 on your 95% max with deads, squats, and MPs I would leave those alone. If you're really struggling to get that 1 rep with bench (or your 3RM or 5RM for that matter), I would think about resetting that lift back to 90%. Leave the others alone if you feel good about them. I'm not sure, but I think somewhere Jim also recommended going three cycles back if you're stalling, but I'm not positive about that.

After reading PanzerFaust's comment, I think there might be something to be said about trying to finish the cycle. This might just help things run more smoothly, but in the end you should probably consider all avenues.


Do the program as written. The basic principles that the program is built apply to you too.


getting 2 reps on the 95% means you're soon going to grind to a halt.

I would suggest taking your most recent 95% numbers, calling them your current 1RM as it's close enough, knocking 10% off of them, then these numbers will be your new TRAINING MAX's, then do the program as it's intended.

just to be clear, if your most recent 95% set on bench was, say 300x2: "max" 300 - 10% = 270. 270 would then be the training max that the %'s of the program pull from.


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