Ernie's Bumpy Ride

Monday 03-Mar-08
Good sleep, Fair energy
SL DEADLIFT 5x5, 150#, 75sec rest
BENCH PRESS 5x5, 135#, 75sec rest
BB BENT ROWS 5x5, 75#, 75sec rest
DB OHP 3x12, 30#, 35sec rest
PULL DOWNS (chin-up grip) 3x12, 50#, 35sec rest
BB CALF RAISE 3x12, 135#, 35sec rest
LEG EXTENSIONS 3x12, 35#, 35sec rest

Wednesday 05-Mar-08
Good sleep, High energy
SQUATS 5x5, 135#, 75sec rest
OH PRESS 5x5, 85#, 75sec rest
ASST’D PULLUPS 5xF, 75sec rest
PECK DIPS 3x12, 35sec rest
DB ROWS 3x12, 30#, 35sec rest, each arm
SHRUGS 3x12, 95#, 35sec rest
LEG CURLS 3x12, 30#, 35sec rest

The plan is to:

  1. Alternate these two, three times a week.
  2. Keep pressure on the larger muscles ie. 3x/wk
  3. Increase weight each day, started with low weight to develop form
  4. Leave out ab work since they are taxed with my main compounds
  5. Shrugs and BB calf raises since I want them to Grow!
  6. Keep this routine until I hit a plateau

Again, feel free to critique



OH Press

DB Row

Peck Dip

Leg Curl

Hi Ernest

I can’t really comment on the workout as I’m pretty much a complete novice myself.

Good job though on getting started because that’s where most people fail!

Do you know your max for squat, bench, deadlift?

Good basic program; Lower body move, horizontal push, horiz. pull, vert. push, vert pull. Can’t go wrong with that.

You can probably lose the isolation exercises and just really hammer the compound exercises, since you’re looking for functional strength. Then you can go full throttle on the most taxing movements without trying to hold something in reserve for the isolation ones. Fer instance, if you do treadmill, put it on an incline and run on your toes, that’ll pound your calves pretty good while filling the cardio checkbox of the routine.

Leg extensions are not a functional strength exercise. Most of the power in the legs comes from the butt and hamstrings - concentrate on those. Throw in front squats every third workout if you want the quads to get bigger.

I’d watch the volume as the the weights get bigger, unless you’re going to eat more. there are 2 types of 5x5: 5 sets of 5 reps all at the same weight and 5 sets of 5 working up to 5 rep max. At the low end the first is great for general conditioning building a strength base. At the higher end the latter is better for strength advancement. Trying 5 sets with a 5 rep max can lead to overtraining pretty quick. Could be fun before a planned layoff however.

Everybody’s different though.

Good Luck Ernie! Welcome to the old guys and Gal’s forum! (Although I havn’t seen allot of ladies post over here but I’m sure they are checking us out…yeah right…)

Welcome Ernest! We have a great group of guys here; I’m sure you will not be disappointed in the feedback you get! Good Luck!

[quote]joburnet wrote:
Do you know your max for squat, bench, deadlift? [/quote]


Squat is 200#
Bench is 175#
Deadlift is 225#

When I first began training in December I just started picked up the weights and started lifting. As of recently I’ve backed down on the weights to insure that I have good form. I will increase weights every time until I reach these loads and beyond or until I stall out.

Thanks everyone for the support, I am glad to be here. There are so many of you helpful and knowledgable people her in the oldies club

Welcome Ernest, keep up the good work Buddy!