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Ernie Taylors Triceps

Hey guys, I saw Ernie Taylor guest posing last night and his triceps look pretty gross … looks like Synthol to me but I’m no expert so can anyone tell me whether its Synthol or not??

Most everyone has assumed for years that Ernie’s triceps are freaky genetically, but substantially blown up by Synthol or some other site enhancement oil. He’s denied it in interviews, though, of course. I should have asked Dorian when interviewing him, as Ernie works out in his gym and I think has received training mentoring from Dorian, now that I think about it.

I read in an interview with him that his triceps have always looked that way. I think both of his triceps look equally freaky. wouldnt it be hard to get both triceps to look the same if it was a synthol mistake?

Yeah John, he was actually doing the show (EFBB North West finals) as a favour to Dorian (who was running the show and presenting some prizes). Shame about Ernies Triceps though, cos he puts on one hell of a show!

Goldberg, I’ve read him say that, also. Problem is, believing all we read in many bodybuilding interviews is pretty suspect. For example, the weights of competitors. Lee Priest told me last week he usually competes in the 215-220 range, but constantly reads how he’s onstage at 225-230. So what’s this say about the real weights of the other guys? About Taylor’s tri’s: wouldn’t one assume that a second party is actually handling the injections of a body part like the triceps. I’d have problems doing it right, and he’s a hell of a lot bigger than I am. Just a thought, but I don’t know; you make a good point.

There is absolutely no doubt Ernie sticks
something in there.In many pictures you can
see scarring around the brachialis from repeated injections.I think it looks ridiculous.

Synthol tricepts are easy to spot - no striations. Even when dieted down to competition levels, the guys (and women) with synthol in their arms have big shiny smooth muscles instead of the deep cuts they should have. Take a look at Ronnie Coleman’s bicep peak which is very dense and fiberous and compare it to, say, Greg Kovaks bicep which is just a smooth lump of a whole lotta oil.

You see what you people do. You just gotta be player hating. He would never do something to gain size in an unnatural way. Seriously though, everyone seems to act like someone’s cheating if they use synthol. Why does it start there?

For what it’s worth, pictures of Ernie here in the UK have been around for years and his triceps have always been pretty freaky…

I have no doubt that ernie had freaky tri’s before the synthol. nuthins wrong with that.
I remember reading in a m&f mag that paul dillet doesn’t do bi’s cause they’re freaky naturally. Most of the top pro’s are freaks naturally-but no one can look as rediculous as ernie does. it just looks stupid, like that guy greg valentino’s biceps.