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Ernie Taylor WTF?

this guy had a solid physique, great bicep split and peak, why did he fuck up his triceps, dumbass.

His triceps are bigger proportionally, but i dont see how they are now classified as “fucked up”.

[quote]Sarev0k wrote:
His triceps are bigger proportionally, but i dont see how they are now classified as “fucked up”.[/quote]

What he is referring to is that many say that he used synthol. I don’t say that he does 'cause I know the grosso of this forum and their reactions. I just can say that he is too “weirdly disproportional”.

Edit: great poser BTW, his “tricep and quadricep shake” is the shit.

[quote]Sarev0k wrote:
His triceps are bigger proportionally, but i dont see how they are now classified as “fucked up”.[/quote]

you can see some bumps and odd markings on the back of those triceps, the guy built a wonderful physique…but how come nobody else has tri’s that big??? he must have the most insane tricep genetics huh?

he likely did have great potentiality to build huge hanging tri’s, however those are store bought (IN MY OPINION). a lot of guys “likely” use trace amounts of site injection oil derivatives to add the winning edge, a lot of other top guys DO NOT. i’m just sayin’ THAT’S KINDA FUCKED DON’T YA THINK?

i used qualifiers like “in my opinion” and “likely” because i don’t want to argue the point via the internet, i simply posted it because i’m a fan and take part in this sport, i thought this seems off a bit, let me share it with other like minded individuals. that’s it.

sythnol = can’t wrap my head around why it’s done.

i made this thread thinking the tri’s look too big and i do see bumps on the back of them at the beginning of the vid.

Point: maybe i’m wrong, the guy has genetically some of the biggest tri’s EVER, sythnol can be cross striated and flexed hard holding contour so obviously most of his tricep is his own, but i’m thinking he’s added a little something.

Anyway, freaky arms regardless, i’ll be scratching for yrs to get a % of what he’s got, respect either way.

I wouldn’t venture to speculate use of synthol, but I see your point. Odd indeed. Something seems amiss. It’s just not aesthetically pleasant.

He has strangely shaped triceps. That doesn’t mean he had to use synthol even though many speculated he did. I’ve seen him move and his triceps flexed and changed shape, unlike that seen on people who have massive oil filled pockets acting like muscle.

Everyone has blemishes and marks on them so it bothers me when someone sees any type of mark or bump and starts jumping to conclusions.

He claimed his father had triceps that were overdeveloped as well. I also wouldn’t call him a dumbass considering those triceps got him noticed. He just never built up the rest of his body to match those triceps.

Whether he ever used synthol or not is something we may never know…and I sure won’t lose any sleep over it.

It just looks as though he has really really short & full muscle bellies in his triceps. That’s the main reason why they look odd. Must be a real pain in the ass trying to go shopping for shirts with those triceps though haha.

I always assumed he syntholed them. They had that synthol/tumor like shape.

Damn, freakish tricep!

Some people are always going to have their genetically ‘gifted’ bodyparts (ie. Platz and his legs, colombu’s back etc). Doesn’t always mean synthol. Still, in most cases it is the thing that prevents them from winning the Olympia (Franco had some friends in high places though -lol)

(Not that I’m agreeing that Taylor does or doesn’t have synthol though,… I never thought he did, but that pic above is just disturbing)


Its difficult to tell, synthol could certainly be in there, however I think they look awesome. If there is synthol in there, great job!

edit: i was referring to the video, just saw that pic, questionable.

LoL! I loved his routine, was quite a bit of fun :slight_smile:

I hope you’re joking. That video was convincing enough, even if the pic wasn’t presented.

I can understand sitting on the fence regarding flex wheeler’s use of synthol…but THIS ONE? seriously?

[quote]paul496 wrote:
Its difficult to tell, synthol could certainly be in there[/quote]

He’s just REALLLYYYY gifted.

Not all synthol / implants are bad!

Not to sidetrack the argument about his triceps, but damn was his taper dramatic… and it’s not even like his back looked superwide, how tiny was his waist?

[quote]tribunaldude wrote:
He’s just REALLLYYYY gifted.[/quote]

LOL, tris bigger than quads.

watch the video BingBeast posted above…that shit was so fuckin retarded. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?