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Erm Hi

Er hi people :slight_smile:

Just joined today, it was just that i was searching for articles by Christian Thib that i found this place.

From the 2 hours i have spent here seems like a really good place some serious load of articles than i get to read for FREE !!!
Probably will have questions later on, but for now im ok :slight_smile:

At the moment im aiming to put on more muscle, at the moment im 102kgs or 225lbs ? … this would be alot but thanks to my parents im freaking 6ft 5" so no its not alot AT ALL !
My older brother got me into this 2 years ago, my mother wouldnt let me lift till i was 10 (sigh) and it was only my brother annoying her she said yes and all i’ve done is eat good food and lift heavy weights :slight_smile:

My back squat is 130kgs
front squat is 95kgs (cant seem to hold more in my arms)
deadlift is 155kgs (stuck with my grip, THIS i need ideas on my brother is all out… he has MONSTROUS fingers!)
bench is 85kgs

Probably not alot my this place standards, but im trying !
In the future i hope to be HUGE, my brother is 297 and he is 6ft 1" and he still hope to be bigger, someday i wanna be bigger than him !

Pretty petty aim but meh its what i want and ill get it he thinks its impossible but SOMEDAY !!!
Not in a bad way though my brother is really cool and helps me all the time

I read alot of books on this stuff, someday i hope to do strength and conditioning certs and maybe if im real lucky do a course by Charles Poliquin but its ALOT of money and its just me, my brother and my mother.

Im not much interested in languages in school, but i love maths and science. My mother doesnt want me to do what i want to do, wants me to go do some scientist stuff but this kind of stuff makes me happy and i LOVE helping people if i can.

So ya thats just me hello to people, hope to talk to some of ye if its ok and if i have any questions that ye can answer if ye can.
Im knew to all this online stuff, we just got internet at home today !

Also for what i eat…

5 omega 3 eggs(my brother INSISTS on those)
2 apples
a tub of cottage cheese

1st break in school:
A small bag of whatever nuts are at home, whatever my mother buys.
2 small breasts of chicken (YYUUMMMMYYYY)

Big break in school:
1 tin of tuna or salmon (not in a tin i put it in plastic container for school)
Another small bag of nuts

3rd break in school:
A tub from the morning of cottage cheese

Before me and my brother work out:
2 spoons (not a spoon it comes with the powder my brother buys)

During workout:
1 more spoon

After workout:
2 spoons of it AGAIN (sigh) oh i mean protein oops
1 pint of milk (my brother drinks low fat the girl !)

When my mother gets home we all have same dinner:
2-3 potatoes
LOTS of meat !
LOTS of veg (ugh not to fond of but i get disapproving looks if i dont)

Before bedtime:
1 tub of cottage cheese
2 spoons of some gooey peanut butter (the spoon is pretty big, ill ask my mother when she gets up what it is)

well thats what i eat, if you think it can be better im sure my mom wont mind buying a small bit more stuff but not much more, im working in a restaurant when im off school this summer waitering so i can help out at home and try help with all the food she has to buy.

thanks anyone who helps

Em also im my section thing its asks for my bodyfat…
i said 8% as i can see all my abs i think thats what 8% is but i could be more so excuse me if im wrong !
I can only take a guess i dont know anyone who can measure it.
My brother keeps annoying me about it saying i should feel lucky im so young (SIGH)
not my fault sometimes he looks like my grandfather with his belly !
he is trying to lose some of it at the moment he is running alot i just get to laugh at him !
i asked ct the question did he know any better ways than 400m sprints, hopefully he will answer !

Wow Ireland, I almost went out there for a Poliquin seminar but you are right it IS expensive. I am a Poliquin certified coach here in the US and I can say if you are able to do his level 1 coaching seminar you will learn more in those couple of days than most learn in years on their own.
With regards to your question about 400m sprints I don’t know if I would term it better but there are alternatives (to break the monotony) Basically, you want to be doing HIIT or energy system work (assuming your diet is in check) to burn the extra kcals.

The following is the Poliquin approach to fat loss with energy system work from an article by Keith Alpert (also one of my mentors and a heck of a bright guy!)
The Power of Interval Training
The way for individuals to raise the intensity of their training is to do “Interval Training.” Interval Training alternates bouts of high-intensity exercise with that of low to moderate-intensity exercise. Recent studies have shown that Interval Training is more effective for fat loss while improving both Aerobic and Anaerobic fitness.

Tabata et al. (1) compared a 70% of VO2 max moderate intensity group (MIG) vs. a high intensity interval group (HIIT). The MIG group did increase their VO2 max by about 10% without a concurrent improvement in anaerobic capacity. The HIIT group improved their VO2 max by 14% and their anaerobic capacity by 28%. The HIIT group actually improved both anaerobic and aerobic capacity at the same time!

Tremblay et al. (2) compared a sprint ergometer group versus an aerobic group. Despite burning 50% less calories, the sprint group lost three times more fat than the aerobic group.

A sample Interval Protocol for Fat Loss
As always, please check with your physician before embarking on any intense exercise program.

Table 1:

Workout(s) Sets
High Intensity
Low Intensity

1 & 2
40 Sec.

3 & 4
40 Sec.

5 & 6
40 Sec.

7 & 8
40 Sec.

9 & 10
40 Sec.

11 & 12
40 Sec.

13 & 14
40 Sec.

15 & 16
45 Sec.

17 & 18
45 Sec.

Perform 2-3 sessions/week on non-consecutive days
Before embarking on Workout 1, take a practice workout or two to establish the fastest possible speed for the “High Intensity” sets. This is very important to elicit the proper hormonal response.
If a preparatory phase is needed before embarking on the above Interval program in table 1, follow the workouts in table 2:
Table 2:

Workout(s) Sets
High Intensity
Low Intensity

40 Sec.

40 Sec.

40 Sec.

40 Sec.

40 Sec.

40 Sec.

40 Sec.

40 Sec.

  • Perform 2-3 sessions/week on non-consecutive days

For those of you who are in the general public and have not exercised in years do the following protocol:

Table 3:

Phase Time
Heart Rate

Work up to 45 minutes
60 % of THR*
1 - 3

20 minutes
80 % of THR
4 - 6

Perform 3-4 sessions/week
THR = Target Heart Zone
Do not do more than six weeks of Table 3 workouts. I repeat - do not do more than six weeks of Table 3!
After completing the 2 phases in table 3, move on to table 2 interval workouts to prepare for the interval workouts in table 1.

After completing the 18 workouts in table 1, a new cycle can be started at higher initial speed during the “High Intensity” sets.

So if you were a 12 year old how would you phrase it to make it ok to spend so much money when im finished school ???
And thanks for that ill give it to my brother when he gets up.
we dont own a printer yet so cant print it off !

12 YEARS OLD!!! I commend you on starting early and I am impressed at your level of knowledge. I wish I could tell you what to sya to your mom but, moms can be a bit of a tricky subject. I do agree with your mom in that you should continue with school (in my case I studdied Biology and credit my academic background for helping me understand otherwise complex training and nutrition concepts). Science and training don’t have to be mutually exclusive in fact they are a marrige made in heaven. Your studdies will help you!! In the mean time I would say keep up with your readings (both on CP and on here -2excellent sources) and if there is anything I can help you with in the future feel free to post or pm me. Best of luck with your endeavors.

oh man you agree with my mother !!!
i em like science but i REALLY dont want to go to college and be an idiot for 4 years going to classes every few hours every few days.
im NOT the type that likes sitting around, which is why doing these courses looks good… not long … lots of info… seems like i can get good money after !
going to college is NOT on my list of “todo” BUT if all comes to all what would should i be looking to make my future courses easier ?
and thanks for your help man… but i have zero idea how to message people !

If you are doing what you are passionate about the money will follow. I agree college is not for everyone and many people make a great living without it but at the same time, there may be a way to do both (for instance if you do well and earn a scholarship with the extra money you get you could pay for the seminar on your own and be attending school). In terms of how to message, just click on the poster’s name and then choose the “pm” option.

Wow easy when you know how !
Ok well i will ask my brother whats on in the colleges in my city if any are gonna be helpfull.
thanks alot man.


Man… I wish I had your enthusiasm when I was your age!

To send a PM (personal message), just click on the username of whoever you want to send a message, then click on “PM”, type your message in the box that pops up and click “submit”.

To check if you have any messages, look in the top-right corner of your screen where it says “New Messages” and click on it if there’s a number next to it other than zero :wink:

Best of luck and keep reading!

[EDIT] haha! laroyal beat me to it!

haha no problem.
thanks for being nice anyway, better than saying nothing !
as for my enthusiasm my brother is 19 he FORCED me into the gym when i was old enough so its all his doing !

You’re lucky, my big brothers just played and still play video games all day.

And my parents are anti-weightlifting.

I hope you get strong as hell. Good luck.

Oh, I noticed that you’re not eating many vegetables/fruits. Good to have lots of Broccoli and the like.

You could benefit by adding 2 or more servings of those a day. Other than that your diet looks very good. Almost the same as mine actually.

Ya the only time i eat veg is at dinner as my mother is there !
Not a fan of the stuff !
I’ll ask her to get brocolli so, instead of some other horrible veg

And i got lucky with my brother :slight_smile:
My mother fears for my safety but now im ok big she doesn’t worry so much
And my father is god knows where

[quote]FutureKing wrote:
Ya the only time i eat veg is at dinner as my mother is there !
Not a fan of the stuff !
I’ll ask her to get brocolli so, instead of some other horrible veg

And i got lucky with my brother :slight_smile:
My mother fears for my safety but now im ok big she doesn’t worry so much
And my father is god knows where


I agree with liftsmart! Vegtables are VERY important!! Eating a lot of protein can raise your blood ph and this will leave you in a state of catabolism as well as leach calcium out of your bones and into your bloodstream to balance out the ph. Vegtables stop your body from taking valuable calcium and neutralizes blood acid so your body can be more anabolic. Additionally, vegtables slow the rate of digestion so your body has a better chance of utilizing all the protein you are taking in and finally I will add vegtables help keep you lean (often times you burn off more calories ingesting them then what you are taking in). Wether for mass gains or leaning out VEGTABLES ARE IMPORTANT!!!

Erm ok, so i have to be a part time plant eater :frowning:
Where do i add them in ?
can i just eat say lettuce tomato in school ?
and after school eat veg

im really not a veg eater incase you havent gathered !
my mother just glares at me till i eat em at dinner

Ty to have some vegtable with each meal. Lettuce and tomato works or even (if you like it) you can bring in raw broccoli and eat that.

Ha it seems i have quite a bit to go on this person !


he is 13 now, man he looks UNREAL he is appearing in the tarzan movie so it says.
he is pound for pound one of the strongest people in the WORLD !
DAMN i thought i was doing well !
the internet is making my lifts look TINY !

That sounds disgusting nevermind the TASTE !
Yuck, dont be giving my brother/mother ideas !