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Ericka's Meet Results

This was the first time I have ever felt nervous on meet day and unsure of my openers.

403-44lb meet pr/CalAPF State Record

This monolift was very difficult to take the weight out of. The guy running the monolift also had a habit of trying to pull the racks back before the bar was clear of the pins. My setup was all thrown off and I could not unrack the weight unless I was directly under it which then caused me to be off balance when he pulled the racks. Acertain someone also got in my head this week about bombing and taking to high of an opener. I had never doubted my self and my opener until that conversation. Therefore, I am no longer allowed to talk to any Canadians within one month of my meets.

203-20lb meet pr/CalAPF State Record
220-37 meet pr/CalAPF State Record
235-missed it at lockout, about two inches from it, should have had this one

Dead Lift-
303-easy opener
336-10lb meet pr
365-missed this about 2 inches from lockout, just needed to use my BIG ass a little more.

Total:959lbs-94lb meet pr/CalAPF State Record

I know I should be happy with this but I am not completely satisfied with my performance. I was capable of so much more. My form was horrible on my squats and I know that my challenges there were all mental. At this point I know what I need to work on for next time and am anxious to get started. I am definately going to work on mental toughness some more and also on my dead lift.

A huge thanks to Todd the Bod, Cartwright, and Jesse. You took great care of “Team Chick”.

Ted, you worked your ass off this weekend and hopefully we made you proud!!!

I am so proud of all of Team Diablo. Especially my girls! Linda is the shit!!! Diablo’s first Elite!! That’s a hell of a comeback! Harper you kicked ass and hit some sweet prs. Good stuff! All of our guys represented Diablo well even if things didn’t go there way. I am very proud of all of you!


Don’t get down on yourself in regard to one meet. Oftentimes, even the best powerlifters start off with lifts that are too much; it’s just all part of the game. The problem is this: if your first lift is too heavy, you set yourself up for failure throughout the meet by inducing a “negative” mindset. Don’t fret, identify your weaknesses and keep a strong mindset throughout the meet. The best powerlifters, oftentimes, aren’t the strongest; instead, they’re the ones with the best mindset. Think of this meet as a lesson that you can learn from.

Hey Ericka, those are some good accomplishments. That was what 3 PRs or more. I cant remember since I started writing this. I don’t think you should ever be 100% satisfied with a performance in any sporting event. That would mean you were perfect and have nothing to improve on. By the way, did I ever tell you that you are one of my lesser known heroes, along with the rest of the crew at Diablo, and Westside, and some others. That is because you had the guts to start something new (powerlifting) and get on the platform and lift. I haven’t been there yet but I will be. No, you don’t know me I just follow what all of you do at Diablo, by the threads here. So get that 1200 you were talking about a few weeks ago. I know you can and so do you.

Fantastic results! It would be so easy for us to accentuate the positive and try to pump you up with the numbers you DID achieve, and belittle your frustration in the face of your accomplishments. I think it’s great, however, NOT that you are unhappy with your results, but that you are not “just” griping: you KNOW what could have been better and KNOW what to do about it in the future, so the next meet won’t be so fraught with anxiety.
Onward and upward!

Hey guys, you see that? She just pretty much squatted 4 plates. So for those of you that can’t do that: Get under the Bar!

Seriously thought, good meet Ericka. Keep up the good work and stay strong.


Diablo’s is pumping out some strong mofo’s!! Congrat’s Ericka!! You are one strong person, you lift heavier than most of the people at my gym. And damn those Canadiens, they are Bizzaro to our Superman;p

Great job. Those are impressive numbers.

BTW, you did do a great job based on your numbers!

great job in the meet

and the Canadians,…f’ck 'em all.

Great job Ericka!

thanks guys!

I also qualified for APF Senior Nationals in June. that will be my next meet where I plan and hope to total elite.

Awesome! Just awesome!


A big congrats! You did a great job.

AWESOME!! You are an inspiration to all the sisters, daughters and significant others of T-men (and with a 403 squat, more than a few T-men as well) anyone who’s not afraid the so-called "boys club! You’re like a powerlifting Mia Hamm! Awesome results.

Awesome job.Congratulations on the records and pr’s, even if you aren’t completely satisfied with your meet you have to be happy about making improvements.And by the way that’s one hell of a squat!

Thanks everyone!

“just needed to use my BIG ass a little more”

LOL- Almost made me spit my Micellar Grow! all over my monitor.

BTW- meets like that are great cause now you’re all motivatied to kick serious ass next time out.

Thats some impressive lifting!

You really do have to watch out for us Canadians, we are sly and tricksy!

In all seriousness I have noticed a strong tendancy towards conservatism in Canadian Powerlifting.

At a recent meet I missed a bench press because my new Fury wouldn’t let the weight touch solidly and so when I called for more weight to get the bar down, the gent at the table actually argued with me! Right bizarre it was…

Keep up the great work!

Awesome Ericka, what weight class are you lifting in?

RIT Jared