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Eric Spoto on Benching Hyuuge

Loads of good tidbits…

Just saw the first one again, thought on “percentages mean nothing” ?

Mark Bell has been putting up some good videos lately. He is doing an Ed Coan series right now.

great video thanls for posting
what i understood what happened in the “old” days
gym rat tells new guy put some weight on the bar and lift
new guy says how much
gym rat tries to explain to new guy how much
new guy says i dont understand
smart guy shows up and creates percentages

Really enjoyed the videos with Spoto and Coan recently, Spoto really surprised me as he seems like a really knowledgeable coach. Not that I assumed he wasn’t it just isnt always the case of the best lifters being the best teachers but he has a good way of explaining things.

[quote]RampantBadger wrote:
Just saw the first one again, thought on “percentages mean nothing” ?[/quote]

I stopped using percentages. I just use 10/25/45 lb plates and move weight based on the reps I wanna do.

IMO percentages are personal preference. You don’t need them to get strong or make progress.

I don’t use % based training anymore. I just strive to increase something, rather it be a number of reps, a weight, reps and a weight or even do an additional set with a certain weight, each workout on one of my main movements. I feel that your strength can fluctuate too much week to week, session to session to be consistent with % training.

Percentages are great when people don’t have a good understanding of what their body needs to create the necessary training effect. Over time people eventually learn how to integrate linear progression and periodization into their training to balance volume, intensity and recovery without getting too specific with the percentages.