Eric M's Velocity Log 5/15/23 Start

I just received notice that my kit is delivering today, so I figured I better get this on here! I doubt I will update it daily but maybe this will hold me accountable and it will be interesting to see the results. Sorry to make this intro long, but….

I’m doing this for 2 reasons. The first is to lose a few pounds. I’m 49 years old and it looks like my metabolism is grinding to a halt. Despite exercising more than I usually do (still not much compared to most people) but I lift twice a week and do karate twice a week, the pounds keep slowly creeping on. Maybe not a ton of excess, but my weight has been steady at 190-195 for like 20 years and the fact that I have topped 200 pounds is odd for me. I wouldn’t mind getting to 184-189 range.

The second reason is that I am very interested to see if it will help my insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome and lipids although I am quite sure I have a genetic component that is standing in the way. As a backstory, when I was in my 20s, I would come in from outdoors in the heat and sweat for like 2 hours in the AC. Turns out my cholesterol was 370 and Triglycerides were 1700! Tried multiple statins and they all caused issues and my doctor said “well, if you can’t handle those then I don’t know what you can do”. So this was the late 90s and I went to an alternative doctor who said “your normal doctor will say I am an idiot, but you need to do this diet called Atkins. Trust me”. Needless to say, during the induction phase it was the only time that I am aware of that my lipids have been normal. I of course find it hard to just live on meat and cheese.

Now here I am at 49. I have had coronary calcium scores done (0!), but I have high blood pressure, TRT makes my H&H go very high despite being on 90 mg/week, and I have had a few of the advanced CardioIQ panels run through Quest that show I have elevated counts of all the bad kinds/sizes of lipids and now it shows I am insulin resistant. I eat fairly low carb (probably 50 grams max a day on average), and I stopped drinking like 2 years ago, but I can’t get things back in line anymore. I feel like I am toying with fate given that every man in my family has blockages, heart attacks, strokes, etc. My current doctor, who doesn’t normally get too worked up about cholesterol, e

ven admits that my lipids are screwed up. So, we tried me on Crestor 5 mg, 3 days a week. Even on that dose, the fatigue was unbearable. I tried it for 1 month and I was napping 3 or 4 times a day – I would have to pull over between jobs and sleep in a parking lot, or get home and I would pass out for an hour and a half nap. Within 2 days of stopping, my energy was back and the naps were gone.

So anyway, I need some weight loss, but I am hoping to see if it helps “reset” something to help with my metabolic syndrome. I like the thought of this diet, because I keep telling my doctors “don’t just tell me to eat healthy and give me a huge list of foods, tell me exactly what to eat and I can do that” well this diet tells me what to eat 4 times a day and then I can eat my normal healthy dinner with the family.

So that we have a comparison, I am posting a brief summary of recent labs as well as my measurements.

Cardio IQ Labs – 5/2/2023
Insulin resistance score – 70 (should be less than 33 ideally)
Total Cholesterol – 272 mg/dl
HDL Cholesterol – 40 mg/dl
Triglycerides – 356 mg/dl
LDL Cholesterol – 172 mg/dl (should be < 100)
Non HDL Cholesterol – 232 mg/dl (>220 is very high and indicative of familial hypercholesterolemia)
LDL Particle Number – 2653 nmol/L (<1138 ideal)
LDL Small – 634 nmol/L (<142 optimal)
LDL Medium – 347 nmol/L (<215 optimal)
HDL Large – 6067 nmol/L (>6729 optimum)
LDL Pattern B (A is ideal)
LDL Peak Size – 208.6 angstrom (>222.9 optimum)
Apolipoprotein B – 145 mg/dl (<90 ideal)
Lipoprotein A - <10 nmol/L (<75 ideal) (Holy crap, a good result!!!)
CRP – 0.6 mg/dl (<1 ideal) Wow another good result!
LP PLA2 Activity – 179 nmol/min/ml (<123 ideal)
Ferritin 27 (30-400) Tanked from donating blood!
Iron Saturation 17 (15-55)

Measurements 5/15/23

Weight 200.5 lbs
Arm Flexed – Left 15 ¼
Arm Flexed – Right 15 ¾
Chest High Relaxed – 45 ½
Waist – 1 inch above – 38
Waist – at navel – 38 ½
Waist below navel – 37 ½
Thighs – Both 23 ½


Good luck with the V diet sir. You looks to be in great starting place and don’t need to mov the needle far. Keep the updates coming!


This! I think you’re primed for a rather dramatic V-Diet, @cirerecrem.


Getting ready to sleep after day one is a little early for an update, but I don’t mind telling you I was starving all day, and had that brain fog feeling. I’ve done fasting, the master cleanse and those kinds of things in the past and this was that intense- I dare say I was even hungrier by noon than I am on those days when I just skip breakfast. Granted - knowing I was starting this today I went a little wild last night and ate whatever junk I wanted, took a shot, and topped it off with a Dairy Queen blizzard, so I set myself up for misery.

Not complaining. Just keeping some notes! Here’s to day 2.


Day 2. Weight 198.5. I don’t plan on logging it daily, but 2 pounds of water dropped in a day.

Still hungry, head feels underwater and tired. Feel like I am functioning at about 50% mentally and physically. Hoping this evens out because I’m heading out of town for a big project and will be in my feet all day for a few days.

I decided to check blood sugar today. It was 127 when I woke (high for me), dropped to 104 an hour after my first shake, and is down to 80 around 2 pm. I read something about if your sugar drops in your sleep that the liver can ramp up production and cause it elevate in the morning? Fingers crossed this is something that the diet will help reset.

Today I am going to experiment with all my shakes before my HSM. Three hours apart so 7,10,1,4, then the HSM around 7. I feel like I need them more during the day than one late at night. Any issues with that?

Bonus- I used a serving of instant mold free coffee in my morning shake and that was amazing!

Afternoon edit. Went to the gym. Was wondering if there was any way I could do it. After about 15-20 minutes the fog began to clear and my strength rebounded a good bit. Felt good.

I did check my blood sugar after the workout and it is now 69. Not sure if that is good or bad?? Maybe running a little low but if anyone knows better than me. It went back up to 84 after about 45 minutes.

Dinner. Now this time around it was very filling. And I’ve felt pretty good ever since the gym.

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Might as well keep a running daily log while my short attention span allows me!

AM weight - 196.9. Almost 4 pounds down on day 3.
Blood sugar - 120 first thing. Still oddly high but lower than yesterday. At 99 an hour after my shake.

Definitely not near as hangry or brain fog since yesterday at the gym. Feels like settling into this. I even found myself having to go back and force down the rest of the shake whereas I was greedily drinking it the past two days.

Today I’m going to stick with the four shakes three hours apart then the HSM last around 7pm. It seemed to work well yesterday.

7:30pm. So the plan was to have all the shakes first, but my meeting went almost 2 hours after the shake time so I went and had some Moes (sprinkle of rice, pork, lettuce and a little queso in a bowl). Around 800 calories. Will look forward to a shake dessert tonight.


Day 5.
Weight 195.5. 5 pounds down on the 5th day.

Blood sugar. 124 on waking. But even last night had Pho (no noodles), just broth, meat, lots veggies, and a spring roll with the noddles gutted out of it. My blood sugar 2 hours after eating was only 99, so it’s not the carbs the night before, which i wouldn’t think anyway since I don’t really eat many.

It’s amazing how the stomach shrinks or gets accustomed. Now there were times on my feet for 10 hours yesterday, that I got a little weak and was craving something (anything), but when I sit down to eat, the shakes seem more filling and I almost have to force myself through the HSM. Cool stuff. Days 1 and 2 I was like this is going to be an impossible 28 days, now I am like hey I can see a version of this indefinitely.

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Below 70 is considered low, but 1 point is probably clinically insignificant, as long as you’re eating (drinking a shake?) asap. Registered nurse here, which is why I felt I had the cred to respond.

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Thanks for the input. I didn’t have anything to eat since I drank my shake just a little before working out. When I rechecked in 45 minutes it was back up. But I will keep an eye on it. Thanks

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Day 6 - 196.6. Up a little over a pound. I haven’t pooped really well in a day or two and its fluid of course.

The relationship with food is already getting weird. I’m hungry, but its almost like a mental switch that says “hey this is optional” when I sit down with the food or shake. It’s like whatever was there before was just that incessant need to always keep the stomach full out of habit.

My son graduated college and we had a cookout, so having the HSM at 2pm with 2 shakes in the mornign and 2 tonight.

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Day 8 - Didn’t weigh this morning but I will tomorrow.

Yesterday was an off the wagon night. Wrapped up a big project that my son helped me with and stopped on the way home at a great restaurant and gorged on raw oysters, clams casino, oyster Rockefeller, side salad and a couple wings. Honestly, all that wasn’t real bad but it was the call of the crowded roadside ice cream stand afterwards that I’m sure put me way over the top. It was worth it that once!

Oh yeah. Yesterday, the wife pointed at my stomach and said “you have dimples” where the abs have a little more definition. Good to hear!


Day 14. Weight 196… It hasn’t really moved since Day 5. My belly button is down an inch and would likely be better if I could go to the bathroom with some more regularity.

To keep it real. I have been very good with the shakes and no cheating, and I have been walking. BUT I have not been as strict with the HSM. The first days I was measuring portions and stuff to make sure the number of calories was in the range. But this whole holiday time and we have had family visiting for a week, so i have just been grabbing food and putting it on the plate. Not bad food. Keeping within the guidelines, but perhaps just too much of it. I’m gonna have to really track it and see if that is why the weight is not coming off.

In the past, if I went low carb, which this is, the weight would just fly off. But now I am stuck at the weight I was like 2 months ago, for years, before 5 pounds just kind of got slapped on me and it is a little disheartening to have been stuck here for 9 days…

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Another Blood sugar question and maybe a mod to the diet for me??

So, I have been wearing a continuous glucose monitor during this. I will get bumps in glucose of 20-40 mg/dl with just the metabolic shakes and the fish oil! It drops within an hour. My levels are a little high, say around 115 always, and then the worst was a bump to 156 after a shake, but I almost always get a pretty big spike.

Well today, I wondered if this old box of keto salts would help. I adjusted for calories so did 1.5 scoops of metabolic drive and added a serving of the keto salts. Both shakes so far today I maybe got a bump of 5 mg/dl after the shake and then my glucose levels actual fell slightly below where they were. And I am now baselining around 105 which is like 10 points less than where I have been. One day is too soon to be certain, but

  1. Any thoughts on adding the keto salts keeping the protein from causing a glucose bump?
  2. if I add keto salts and adjust my protein dose accordingly for calories, am I going to screw up this whole velocity diet?


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I can’t speak for what will happen with you, but I’ve been adding LMNT (salt, magnesium, and potassium) to one of my shakes per day and have still been dropping weight like mad. Plus it makes the shakes taste great and I’ve felt strong. We’re at such a calorie deficit that I can’t imagine it screwing anything up.


Day 23 - Weight 193.8.

It’s dropping much more slowly than I would have thought based on the initial.

Some honesty. I’m still doing great with the overall plan, but if you had to ask me what has made me not lose the weight as fast - 1. I probably over eat the one HSM, and 2. I haven’t been good with the daily walks. It doesn’t help that I have had the flu for a week.

I have continued to use Keto salts and adjust calories accordingly, as this seems to help my blood sugar.

I am now getting to the point where I am nervous about day 28. I feel like I need to keep doing this for a while or some variation. I’m worried about old habits of eating, undoing everything in a week or two, etc. Time to start reading the blogs for tips moving forward.


Day 26. 192.4 pounds.

Coming down to the wire. I would love to hit the 10 pounds lost but I will probably be a few short. I miss youth, when I could just think about doing low carb or something and lose 10 pounds in like 2 weeks haha


Definitely start thinking about transition plans. There’s certainly nothing wrong with going more to a “lifestyle” version that maybe sees you eating a solid lunch every other day or something.
What, specifically, is concerning you? Maybe we can help brainstorm

Thanks! I think I’m gonna keep this going a little while longer. Then maybe bring back in some solid meals on occasion. But I have a feeling this is healthier than what I thought were healthy choices in the past. Like eating breakfast and then deciding I needed snacks to drive to a job. Doing the job and needing snacks to drive to another job. Having lunch. Then more snacks. Then thinking I needed snacks before working out to keep up blood sugar. Etc.


Day 28. 192 pounds even.

I’ll do some photos and measurements soon but I don’t think this is over. I have a few more pounds I want to lose. I like not snacking all the time. I like not having to think about what I’m gonna eat.