Eric Lilliebridge's 1045 Raw Squat posted yesterday, like how explosive he moves heavy weighs. Does anyone know how he trains, besides the obvious 1 rep on his squat and deadlifts, assistance etc.

Love watching the Lillybridge family lift!

It’s possible because he listens to fear factory while training :slight_smile:

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He wrote a book… its 30 pages long with 14 pages about what music he likes to listen to lmao

He clearly trains a lot of singles, which i had great success with . I curious about his off season and his assistant work.

He has some old logs around somewhere

In meet prep he basically has a heavy day one week and amrap day the following week training bench on its own day and squat+ deadlift on its own day.

Bench one day + heaps of bodybuilding assistance

Squat + deadlift day minimal assistance

Assistance day hit whatever you feel could use more work

Off season he says he literally just tries to maintain a decent base line of strength on his main lifts, while using assistance lifts to add muscle.

Brutally simple… But apparently brutally effective!

Thats what I kind of figured i did Jeff Maddy bench press program 5 sets of 1 starting out at 85% max go up weekly, only assistance was low rep cheat curls. I wouldn’t do this year round, but made great results, natural but younger. I bet Eric does i lot of cable crossovers and con curls for bench assistance , and wont eat too much red meat, cuz it makes his butt look to big, lmao. Later Ryan