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Eric Holder's Secrets...




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He must have some neekid pictures of a lot of important people to still be the AG.

What a pile of fail.


We call them goat pictures down here.


Hahaha that fits better


What do you expect from an Attorney General chosen by someone with such poor character judgment that he used to pal around with Bill Ayers?


Your Avatar is what we call a Goat Picture.


Oh, he has far more on them than you think.

What this article does not--and can not--say is that Holder was the "bag man" for the passage of money between Marc Rich and the Clinton Administration, in its last days. (This was the first time that a fugitive was granted a presidential pardon.)

Holder is filthy in more than one way, but at least he has enough to implicate many Clintons, and thus he will be protected for a long time.




He is notthing more than a tool for the elite. Corrupt and on the take,


You got it backwards, as usual. Barry is the tool. Holder is part of the elite radical progressives.