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Eric Cressey vs Kelly Baggett


Who would win in a fight?

Will Cressey deadlift Baggett's face off of his head?

or will Baggett jump 40" and punch Cressey's head downward and compress his spine so that his CNS is destroyed?


Who the hell cares?! LOL

How about Cressey vs. ALLY Baggett?


Rickson by Armbar :38s, rnd 1


Easy one:



Damn! People really sit around thinking about this stuff? I'm not sure whether I ought to feel honored or just have an identity change!

You might be interested to know that KB and I got together on a project in 2005. There's a good chance that we'll release it in "quick-hit" e-book format this year. Intrigued?



Does it have anything to do with you vs. KB? If not, I am intrigued.


Nope; we don't square off in this one. :slight_smile:

Basically, it was an article we were co-authoring, and the ideas got flowing so easily that it took off and become too long and in-depth in some spots. You could still read it in about an hour, though.


Let me think, two of the geekiest, most knowledgeable strength training guys out there...

Fuck yea!


quick hit?

any info on the topic?

general training? strength? power? sports orientated?


SCORE! consider it purchased


Any info. on when it will be available? I hate waiting!!


I'd buy that book in a second.


Don't be a damn tease Cressey. Is this gonna be like the MM DVD that we had to wait like 15 years to come out?

Just kidding, coming from you two I know that shit will be quality and quality takes time. You've definitly got an interested buyer right here.


Maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool; thanks. Kelly and I just need to find some time in our schedules to buckle down and get this thing finalized.