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Eric Bugenhagen

I will never get this level i guess, but i really like this guy in youtube, for me he seems really strong, I don’t is past in gym but be look amazing

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Yeah, I’ve seen his stuff. He’s not actually a bodybuilder, I don’t think, but seems super strong. Videos of him lifting 315+ behind his back and up onto his shoulders, etc.

I happened to see this yesterday- one arm zercher deadlift at 315. Pretty insane.

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I think he is a fake natty.


Even if he is a fake natty, is still really strong, i heard that he take only when he was young and stop quickly, he was grappler or something like that, he have a good body fat and gold genetic for sure

He’s a professional wrestler. Which many would argue is far more awesome.


Eric Bugenhagen is the shit. Guy has far more charisma than any fitness ‘influencer’ out there and he isn’t even trying.

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That’s a pretty low bar dude.


Really like his videos, if my future ever has a home gym I’m definitely exploring OLAD for shits and giggles. Haven’t watched enough to know how he does it, truly. Sadly, he’s not a writer and I’m not one to consume much by watching.