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Eric Bach: New Heavy-Light Program

Wanted to see what everyone thought of the new heavy-light program that Eric Bach just published on t-nation? He seems know his stuff. When I’m done with what I’m running now I might this.

As the program has just come out today, I can’t imagine you will be able to find anyone with any feedback on it.

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Ha true. I guess I just meant what’s everyone’s general thoughts on it.

I might do something like this if I’m completely off of work and can hit the gym everyday hard with lots of food and low stress. It’s a lot of days with a lot of excersizes per day so your recovery better be on point. I would see myself hitting a wall after about a month.

Well i will say the author rest intervals are pretty darnn short.

The principles of “heavy day, light day” have been around forever. In the '60s. John McCallum wrote a bunch about bodypart specialization plans that had 3 days focused on 5x5 work with the big lifts and 2-3 days of higher rep bodybuilding-type work for arms, chest, or shoulders.

Having one training day focused on heavy, low rep lifting where you apply “maximum effort” and another day focused on doing more “repetitions” is also a fairly common and effective approach.

It’s free conditioning. Keeps you off the treadmill. :wink:


Funny Chris :smirk:



Has anyone run an Eric Bach program? I do not like any if them. They have you training often, the sessions seem really long, he uses a lot of exercises, and often supersets exercises.

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