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Ergonomic Office Equipment


(I wasn't sure where to put this)

Anyone have any recommendations for ergonomic chairs, keyboards, mouses, etc?

I sit at a desk all day and I'd like to save my posture (and elbows and wrists) especially since I already have some of the "caveman" look Cressey and Robertson have wrote about here.

There's just so much information out there I figured I'd see what T-Men think.

I've also considered just sitting on an exercise ball.


How about the Get a Life Forum. This does not belong here unless you are going to eat the stuff.


While this is the wrong forum, but you can save money by just getting up, stretching and walking around periodically. You really shouldn't just get some ergonomic stuff and assume it's then a fine idea to sit at your desk for 8 hour intervals.


I have a lumbar support pad. Keeps me sitting up straight.


I managed someone who cried carpal tunnel syndrome recently. We ended up buying a special mouse, keyboard, foot rest, chair, wrist rest and then she quit 3 months later. What a fucking nightmare.

The mouse was sort of a vertical version of the normal one. We got a keyboard that split into 2 halves. The chair should have lumbar support and arm rests. Theres all kinds of crazy shit they recommend. We had a workspace evaluation done too and they made a ton of recommendations. Some of the stuff they recommended was outside of work, like how do you sleep etc.


The guy who invented ART (Active Release Therapy), Mike Leahy, has designed an ergonomic "anti carpal tunnel" mouse. It's not cheap though...



You hit the motherload. I just happened to see your post. Ergo is a passion of mine, ever since I had carpal tunnel about 6 years ago.

At work, here's my set up:
-Phone with headset. Holding your phone during calls is a detriment
-I totally agree with the ART mouse. Get the ART mouse as posted above
-At my work station, my computer keyboard and computer can go up and down. Thus, I can stand when i type or sit down

These are three items that can help you immensely, along with ART from a qualified professional and stretching


When I destroyed my back, I simply replaced my desk with a standing station, in my office. Worked like a charm, at least until I got rebuilt. I miss it, but I traded it to one of the QC guys, when he blew out a disc. I'm barely sitting for more than a half hour at a time tho, so not a biggie.

Also, screw mouses. Use a track-ball like a man!


Thanks for the suggestions guys... I will incorporate more walking and stretching breaks as I'm able to. Standing isnt an option right now.

That is a neat mouse. I looked up some prices, wow.

Any opinions on the kneeling seats? My brother has one he doesnt use ever.

ART is on my to do list as well, I've heard some good things about it lately.

and eating the office equipment couldn't be much worse than eating processed chicken mcnuggets right?



Well, manly it MIGHT be, but I draw for a living, and yes, I draw with a mouse. I'd bet my left nut that NO professional artist in the world draws with a track-ball.


I have one of these chairs. Quite nice!


x2 - especially the part about standing and sitting.

The best posture is the one that's frequently changing. No matter how ergonomically-correct your chair, keyboard, mouse, etc. are, the simple fact is that it's bad for our bodies to sit down (or stand in place) all day. Try for a mix of standing/sitting/walking/moving around during your work day. According to Bill Hartman, physical therapist and co-owner of I-FAST gym with Mike Robertson, tissue creep (negative postural adaptations) sets in after just 20 minutes of being still. So try to get up, stretch, and move around at least 3 times an hour.


Ergonomic is just a fancy word for ghey.

Man up. I sit on a boulder in my office. I also popped the letters off my key board and set it at a steep incline so it's more difficult to type.


I didn't want to have to embarrass you like this, but you might be surprised to know that this masterpiece was done with a track-ball.

Enjoy your crow.


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I used to spend 50+ hours a week in an office so I know where you are coming from. Getting up and walking around/stretching is the best thing you can do. I used to catch people off guard doing leg swings in the break room.

That being said, I started going to a chiro/ART practicioner every few weeks and that made a huge difference. Maybe I could have been doing more stretching/mobility work on my own, but I thought it was well worth the money.


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To avoid a hunch, place your screen(s) at a higher level, looking down on you. Have a chair that can lean back. If possible, have a foot rest to facilitate a laid back position looking slightly upward.

I have an ergonomic keyboard but a regular mouse and work off of a laptop and use an additional screen. The laptop and external monitor are on stands and are tilted forward.



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