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Ergogen - Chrysin, Androplex, etc.

I’m dealing with this supplement company Ergogen through a personal training club. They have a pharmaceuitical license manufacturing so they aren’t some BS company. Anywyay, I had this workshop today about their supplements. The guy who ran the thing was Jim Starr, if you remember American Gladiators he was Laser. He’s really a stand-up guy and real friendly too. He also knows his stuff about supplements. To get to the point though, their supps are a wee bit different than that of Biotest. Since I have fallen into the Biotest Blackhole (once you go Biotest you never go back) and believe that almost every company sucks I automatically think so does Ergogen. Well their supps include these that are listed below. Everyone please reply and tell me if you’ve used them, if you think they’re good and will work, if the ingredients are any good and how they stand up against Biotest.

Androplex Lozenges - 4-androstene-3, 17-diol = 125 mg, 4-androstene-3, 17-dione = 5 mg, 5-androstene-3, 17-diol = 5 mg, 5-androstene-3, 17-dione = 5 mg, 19-nor-4-androstene-3, 17-dione = 5 mg, 19-nor-4-androstene-3, 17-diol = 5 mg.

I told Jim about Biotest's (who he hasn't heard of) Androsol and the dermal delivery thing. He basically thought that it wouldn't work and the science guys that work for him proved in some study that it doesn't work as well as lozenges.

Chrysin - Chrysin Complex = 250 mg - derived from a customized lend of 98% pure 5.7 Dihydroxyflavone and natural powerded extract poplar bud (Populus candicans), Cruciferous vegetable concentrate (standardized to contain 10% Indole 3 carbinol) = 25mg.

So what is this stuff? He said it's an anti-aromatase that's similar to Nolvadex and I'd assume clomiphene citrate. He swore by it and said he would never take androplex without it.

Those are the two products that I have questions about. They also have Energen, Tribulus, DHEA, Muscle Cell Volumizer, and Thermogenic Optimizer. One thing he also said was that liquid delivery system of creatine wasn’t as effective as tablet form that Ergogen uses.

Ergogen is also coming out with Methoxy-Force which is similar to Biotests. However, theirs contains tribulus, avena sativa and some other stuff but none of the good cholesterol.

So those of you on the inside scoop to supplements give your $.02 here. Howerver, I feel that most of us have been sucked into the Biotest Blackhole and have become subjective to almost every supplement that isn’t theirs. Let’s get some feedback fellows.

Ergogen labs is a private label product made for Apex Fitness by Phoenix Labs (pinnacle)…the products are ok,their label claims tend to be true…although a lot of hype into delivery system!!!any one else???

i knew about the whole Apex thing since we have that at the gym i work at. i’m more interested in if these supps are good, what’s up with Androplex lozenges and the down-low on Chrysin.

are you nuts? first of all androplex hmmm looks alot like poppers formula to me. not to mention androstendione. thats clearly not a cutting edge supp and the delivery system a lozenge? does this sound like a cough suppresant here. a lozenge does just about as well as a popper so your still losing a good 60% of the crap they put in there. sorry for bagging on ya man but its just tough love.

Regarding the “Androplex”, here’s a little non-conventional haiku thumbrule for prohormones:

3s and 5s and diones bad, estradiol, 4-diols rule, gains.

Okay, not the most flowing prose in the world, but you get the gist: stick to the 4-diols (including the 4-nor-diols) and you'll be much better off.

I won’t even comment on the dipstickosity required to claim that the transdermal delivery mechanism is without merit. This dude (Starr) needs to do some reading.

Sounds like another supp company trying to get on the bandwagon.

Laser (As if he is some specialist)!

I believe, Berardi, Roberts, and all other biotest developers are far superior to american gladiator science!

Hmmm, my “haiku” came out a little messy (there should have been a line break after “estradiol”). Despite how it appears, I do not think that elevated estradiol levels rule… :slight_smile: