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Erector Spinae Weak Link in DL with Noobs?


Complete noob here trying to progressively overload my deadlifts. I'm now at a point where I feel that my lower back isn't strong enough and is likely to get damaged if I add more weight. How can I fix this weak link in the chain without injury? Should I just stop trying to overload for a while to let my lower back catch up?

I should add that I believe my form is good and if DOMS is anything to go by I'm activating my hams and glutes.


Stiff leg deadlifts, hyperextensions and good mornings are all good choices for improving erector strength...but I wouldn't include all of them at once, and don't forget to do your deadlifts.

In terms of letting your lower back catch up, some lifters would say to deload every four weeks...but personally I leave it a little bit longer. Working up to a max every week before doing your back off work might help.

In terms of your form, as a rule, never assume your form is good. A video might help.


Maybe you're trying to progress too quickly. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
That's why 5/3/1 only adds 10 pounds to the deadlift every cycle (4 weeks).

The exercises RTJ suggested are great. They have worked really well for my lower back.


I don't really agree with working up to a max every week at all. Noobs need volume more than anything, I would say multiple sets at a heavy 5 or triple would be better. But I do thoroughly agree with RT's exercise recommendations. They are very good.


In hindsight, you're totally right. I shouldn't really have recommended working up to a max whenever possible for a beginner! Slipped my mind!

I would, however, recommend it for those beginning to become comfortable in their line and confident of maintaining it under maximal weights. Something to bear in mind when you start nailing it, OP. In the meantime keep working hard dude!