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Erector Spinae Trouble

I hurt my lower left erector spinae a couple months ago doing one arm snatch and it seems to keep coming back. Initially I just took it easy for a week and moved back into normal weight. Usually when I would dead lift my back would actually feel better and I’d be okay for a while. Then it seems every time I do the one arm snatch with a lot of weight I hurt it again. I seem to feel the pain whenever I flex my lower left erector spinae it hurts right down above my butt. Do you think this is a permanent tendon injury? I was told it could be just tight and need stretching. What do you recommend to heal? I don’t want to be out of the game but I don’t want to have this thing hurting forever either. Please advise.

im in the same position sorta, i hurt my lower back a while ago and now everytime i deadlift heavy or stretch it im in pain it feels internal not muscular, it also hurts when i sit. im just going to go to a physio sometime soon if it doesnt get better.

If it were me, I’d do some unlateral rehab before going back to 1-arm snatches. Something like:

1-arm DL or even 1-arm one-leg DL low rep, working up over time to heavy

next workout…

RDL or 1-arm DB swings for reps, light. gradually increase reps.

The point of the unilateral work is so you can make sure you get your injured side equally strong. Favoring one side of your back is a recipe for future back problems.

One week of rest will not cure a muscle injury, let alone a tendon injury. This would take several weeks.

So lay off for 4-6 weeks at least. You could stretch, ice ect. Then start out with hyperextensions or something. Nothing heavy, nothing explosive.
Ore no-weight goodmornings.

If you don’t feel anything, gradually build from there. If you do feel something, give it a couple more weeks.

Last year, I was nurturing a partial patella tendon tear for over 6 months. It should be better now, doc gave me the green light. I’ve been increasing the weight on the legg press for 2 months now. I’ll probably need another 2 months to work up the confidence to start with empty bar squats again.

I’m 45, so my injuries don’t heal like they used to. :-/

Do a search online and get DMSO - my sport physio greatly believes in it - and use it!
Get all the anty-inflamatory (natural) stuff you can find and as above!
Get cold/hot patches . . . start treating your back.

aaaa… sea physio, osteopath or ART guy. See what they say

Stay away from dynamic movement for a while.
Do some goodmornings and variations of these, do Deads and their variations.
Back extensions . . .

Do plenty of - what I call it - puffy exercises, working on your core somewhat “PT style”.
I know, I know, you would not like to be seen with a stability ball, but just a bit!
Exercise your abs, obliques, TVA
and unitaral lifts, some one arm farmers walks, waiters walks, one arm deads (maybe - try on lights first)
focus on reps not on weight.

pulling sled various ways is going to do a lot of good.

Meanwhile, Give some time to your weaknesses and get them up (I’m certain, snatches and back exercises are your forte!!)

really more GPP than real lifting and in this way you’ll be back and STRONGER shortly.

you continoue “madness” . . . injury will stay with you for MONTHS or YEARS!

Get fit first!

hope it helps, Good luck!
(I’ve been there, too!)

My suggestion is to not do one arm snatches. Why don’t you work on regular snatches? If one arm snatches cause immense pain wouldn’t it make sense to do regular snatches if they don’t cause pain?