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Erector Spinae Strain Healing Time?


Yesterday I went for a PB on my deadlift. This morning I wake up with lower back pain that I am sure is a strain of my erector spinae. The pain is not that bad but it's going to prevent me from doing deadlifts and squats. I am wondering if anyone else here has had this sort of strain and how long it takes to heal? I'm wondering how long till I'll be able to deadlift and squat again? When the pain goes does that mean I'm good to go?


Every strain and injury is different. I can tell you that I strained my erector muscle while deadlifting, but I felt it right away and it hurt (a lot). Fortunately for me, it healed relatively quickly and I was back deadlifting 3 weeks later. I did a lot of foam rolling, stretching, and lighter weight workouts and then slowly worked up to heavy weights again.


you mean squat and dl full strength? soon as you take steps to speed recovery. Very easy, just either pump the area with blood or change your exercise selection for a while to let your squat muscles heal. Movement and bloodflow heal most anything


You call 3 weeks quickly? Shit! I guess I'll be just rolling on foam and doing supermans this month. That's what I suspected. Thanks.


Bump, i went for a 405 reverse band squat and smoked it on saturday. however today was sopposed to be a more high rep day and i couldnt squat 2 plates without really bad pain. was hoping to do like 300x15 or something.

im pretty sure its the Erector Spinae which is strained, and it only hurts on the right side. Also it doesnt really bother me during the day, I trained Back and chest the last two days and didnt really feel it all. Only hurts when the bar is loaded on my back. Op. not sure if you still read this forum, but ill shoot you a PM to see how fast yours recovered.