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Erector Spinae Pain

One day about a year ago my back started to hurt. I bent over to grab something from the floor and it just hit me. I wasn’t able to move much for a couple of days.I wasn’t lifting at the time. Pain was coming from my right erector spinae, just above my butt.

I started lifting couple of months ago. At first I was working on machines for a month or so (tip from some coach). Again, one day i bent over to grab a pot (not a plant) and it hit me again. This time I couldn’t walk for almost 2 hours. I could barely get myself to bed where I spent the rest of that day. It hurt for about a week. Hot packs and some gel for muscle spasms seemed to help. I took a month off (after training for a whole month and a half) to let it heal.

Now, after exams, I wanted to start again, slowly and at home. I gave Chad’s 30 day mass plan a try and on first day (heavy day) everything was ok. Today however, on day 2 (medium) during the second set of single leg deadlifts it hit me again. Not as hard as the last time (now I can walk) but it really pissed me off. I know I’m a newb so I didn’t overdo it. I only used a dumbbell that was lying in the corner being laughed at by pink dumbbels for being so light (33 pounds).

I don’t know what to do. I only started out and I want to train for years to come, outgrowing just about anybody I can. That will be possible if I lift heavy which I kind of can’t, cause my back doesn’t like it obviously. I read articles about deadlift on T-Nation and I’m quite sure I’m doing it correctly.

I could go to a doctor, get some painkillers perhaps but after hearing 101 reason why bodybuilding isn’t healthy, why squats damage knees and deadlifts damage back and why I’m going to get a renal failure I would probably pull his erector spinae out of his back.

So, what am I to do? Does anybody have some suggestions? I would really appreciate it!

I’m really sorry to hear about this - that really sucks. Glad to hear that you keep getting up after being knocked down like that - the best indication of future success IMO.

A few things come to mind while reading your post - which was made rather difficult, thanks to that avatar of yours ; -)

For starters, you might want to get stuart mcgill’s books - they are rather expensive, but worth it. Or see if a library might be able to get it for you. He’s also coming out with a dvd soon apparently. McGill’s the foremost authority on lumbar spine care/rehab.

Posture, neural-muscular patterns, shortened inhibited muscles in certain areas, overactive muscles in others…all these things and more play a role in spinal instability.

My number one thought is: get working with a really good trainer/therapist who truly knows her/his stuff. If I were you I’d do this immediately.

Cheers & good luck to you.

See a doctor, preferably a physical therapist or orthopedist. Its probably not your erector spinae, but more liking a disc in your lumbar spine. A PT would know right away, and can always do an MRI to confirm.

You could also see a sports PT maybe, that way he’ll understand the fact that you want to continue lifting and suggest the best plan of attack.

Hope this helps, but dont let it go. My sister just got out of the hospital yesterday after being there for 5 days with two degenerative discs.