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Erector Shirts

I was consisdering buying one and was curious what peoples opinions of the shirts were. So what do yall think of erector shirts?

What do you hope to achieve with it? What do you wear for equipment?

very few people use them. pain in the ass to get on and they don’t provide much help. why do you want one?

Helps keep your shoulder blades back but cumbersome and no substitue for learning good body position.

Just keep working it and forget the ES.

I was just curious as to the added effect of the shirt right now Im wearing a fusion and love the suit. I have been placing the straps over the delts and it has been working great. I was thinking of just adding the additional help to the last lift of the meet for the extra support. Never really seen all but a few use them and almost no one like or actually think they got any extra pounds out of it.

Then skip it, truth is if they worked people would be using them and companies would be marketing newer versions of them, but they don’t.

If you find one you like then use it. For me and most there is virtually zero carryover and some people lose weight putting them on due to awkwardness. Some guys DL in the squat suit or briefs depending on sumo or conv. Don’t be looking for dozens and dozens of lbs in carryover you just won’t find it with anything out there.