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Erector Imbalance

Hi All, The right side of my back (particularly my erector spinae) is bigger than my left & after heavy squats or deadlift the right side locks up/is ridiculously tight.

I think it’s from 2-3 years of shit rehab on my left knee (knee reconstruction) & keeping all my weight on my right side.

Anyone have anything you can throw my way with excercises / tips on how to fix / address / rectify it?

Try to relearn how to put weight on that left side.

Close your eyes and try to stand on your left leg. Aim for 1 minute. As you’re trying to stand there, focus on your pelvis. Try to use your left glute and hip to push through the floor and elevate your right hip, so it’s higher than the left. Don’t lean over to that right side and allow the right hip to drop lower than the left.

Re-teach your left hamstring to accept weight as you bend or hinge over. Stand on your left foot and lean over, touching your left toes with your right hand. Feeeeeel your hamstring stretch and then take the tension as it lengthens. Again, don’t lean over towards the right side. Or don’t allow your right hip to fall below the left.

Heres a video if you need it. In the video they are alternating sides each rep. I would Not alternate sides at first, until you get the hang of the move. It’s really about learning to hold that left leg/hip in position, not rushing through a bunch of reps.

When/if that’s too easy, try single leg Romanian deadlifts. Balancing on one foot, or with one foot behind for balance of you need too. For these, try to keep your lower back “flat” and your hips level.

To get your quad and front hip used to handling weight again try Step Downs. Keeps your hips even/level.

Progress to step ups, weighted on the opposite side. For this one, try to use the left hip to elevate the right hip and shoulder. Really drive through that left foot!

Or bulgarian splits squats with a slow eccentric and pause at the bottom. No bouncing! Keep hips level.

For the glute and hip start with easy clamshells.

Once you can feel that glute, try hip airplanes. Supported at first.

Progressing towards unsupported.

If you’re really messed up, you may want to do this stuff without a shoe. Really focus on your foot and ankle, and grip the floor with your toes. Pay attention to your knee and hip, relearn how to use your glute and hamstring on that left side to keep your knee from weaving side to side.

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