Erections Coming Back After E2 Crash, But Libido Still Gone

Its going to take a while to stabilize. Be happy with the ability an the desire will come soon enough. Stop the aromasin altogether. What’s your labwork like? Test? Free Test?


Thanks man. I can get by with Cialis, but I consistently feel crappy after taking it, wonder if its E2 reducing effect is causing that. Always feel like I’m trading long term getting my E2 back for a short term fix when I do that. But who knows for sure.

Haven’t touched an AI or anything in 3 weeks, and don’t plan to.

Last labs were:
TT: 529
FT: 18.6
E2: 12.7

Damn, your shit is low. Are you self treating or under a Dr.

I would (and do) want my Test levels to run greater than 800 and my Free T above range. Just to help you, here are my latest Test and E2 levels and I am having awesome erections these days. Dont let high E2 freak you out. Its the ratio of T/E not the total E.


You did crush estrogen when it was already low, you can’t expect everything to come back the moment levels are elevated because serum levels and the levels in tissue are two very different things.

You could try cutting up the aromasin into 10 smaller pieces using a pill cutter, start low and go slow.

Dr Saya, who started me at 150mg, but then I got excited and tried sorting things out on my own. Learned my lesson real quick. Didn’t help that I called Defy when I thought I had high E2, and a nurse there prescribed me some anastrozole. Really convinced me I must have high E2. Man was I wrong.

The past couple days I’ve seen some guys with really high E2 yourself included and say you’re feeling awesome. I’m really becoming a believer in that and have no reason to touch an AI again.

You will find that there are 2 camps on this issue. Go and read a thread called

@physioLojik doesnt frequent the board anymore but he is a TRT doc who also uses gear and competes in bodybuilding.

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What’s your current protocol getting numbers like that?

Well, that was coming off a blast of 500 test/week in 2 pins and 100 mast/week and about 30 mg of liquid nolva as a safety net for gyno

When I crashed my E2 it took a while to get back to normal. I crashed it twice. The second time I drank a 24oz coors banquet original each night for a week. It made recovering twice as fast. Brings that E2 up and a great excuse to drink a beer on the week days. “it’s medicine”

The hairs on my neck stand up when I read the phrase crashed E2. That shit was horrible. Never touched an AI since.

I’ve crashed my E2 before too. Was on the Arimidex train. It was @physioLojik’s information that changed my mind.


A cycle of masteron really helped my libido and erections after running NPP. If you have access to that you might consider adding to your TRT for about 8 weeks.

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Wow my levels are similar only E2 is like 27 and I have not started TRT yet… Are you injecting?

For me it was this whole experience on top of the last one (which was messing with internet enclomiphene that might have been an AI, bloodwork confirmed low E2)…not to mention when my E2 was in the 40s somehow once I felt absolutely fine. Endo back then thinks it was from smoking pot but who knows.

Yep! But I lowered my dose to 100mg to counter what I THOUGHT was high E2. That’s really close to my starting numbers actually, except way better FT.

Man if I’d not gotten that bloodtest, I’d still be popping AI’s and wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

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My e2 was like 12 before I started TRT. Low E sure matches the symptoms I was dealing with at least, so that gave me some hope. Never touched an AI with e2 that low already.

I’ve started to wonder if some of my issues stem from having lower E2 too. Pre-TRT it’s floated around 20. It’s not 12, but I definitely didn’t feel bad when it was higher.

@studhammer has an E2 of 127 & probably feels great. More then likely, the symptoms you think were “high E2” related, probably weren’t. You want estrogen in your system. Estrogen is like the boogie man around here. I would challenge you to look at the fact that maybe what you were feeling is from something else entirely. Drop that AI for good & don’t think twice about it. & get that Free T up. You WILL feel better… If you don’t, its probably thyroid, diet, or sleep thats causing you issues. Dose daily to keep everything level.

I’m like you. My body just doesn’t tend to convert to estrogen like other people do. The last thing people like you or me need is an AI.


Your posting these numbers and it’s on a blast not trt or even a cruise so it’s not really helping the OP .

They absolutely weren’t high E2 symptoms, that’s the crazy part about it. I was getting more and more bloated, more night sweats, more tired, less libido - turns out it was the other way around.

Sleep and diet have been suffering as a result of this but I’m working on getting them back in line.

shbg levels?