Erection Insurance: How to Keep It Up

by Chris Shugart

A New Key to Sexual Health

A new study found a secret to robust male sexual health, and it may surprise you.

Before 1998, no man ever had trouble getting it up. Nope, never a problem. Then Viagra hit the market. That drug banked 20 billion dollars in the years that followed. Apparently, unresponsive tallywackers were a problem.

Today we know a lot about erectile dysfunction (ED) and what causes it. But a recent study discovered something novel: The best way to retain the ability to achieve erections is to… get erections often. (1)

Get a Boner: Doctor’s Orders

Here’s the quickie version of the study:

The more frequently you get erections, the easier it is to keep getting them. But the opposite is also true: fewer erections decrease the future ability of your brave soldier to stand at attention.

This was a mouse study, but that’s fine in this case because the research centered on fibroblasts (connective tissue cells) and they’re the most abundant cells in the penises of mice and men.

It turns out that fibroblasts take up the neurotransmitter noradrenaline. That causes blood vessels to widen and pump blood in the right direction. This process works smoothly if you have plenty of fibroblasts. And the more erections you get, the more fibroblasts you have.

The senior researcher said it’s a lot like working out. The more you run, the easier it is to breathe while running. “If you exert yourself a lot, your body adapts,” he said, probably while winking.

Wait, What About Women?

Lady parts also contain fibroblasts, and lady sexy-time is all about blood flow too, only with the obvious anatomical differences. So, we can assume the same general idea (getting excited often) also increases or maintains the number of fibroblasts “down there.”

Four Supplements for Erection Insurance

Erection problems are caused by a variety of issues, both physical and psychological. An unfit guy with underlying health conditions may have problems, but so can a fit guy who’s stressed and anxious, or even overtrained.

The knee-jerk response might be, “Gee, I guess I should watch more porn!" However, according to a few studies, excessive consumption may cause erectile dysfunction in some men for various reasons. So, that’s tricky.

A better idea is to make sure the underlying engine is firing on all cylinders. This involves all the usual stuff, most of it revolving around not being fat, not smoking, staying mentally and physically fit, and avoiding the use of antidepressants (SSRIs and SNRIs, particularly). But you know all that.

The idea of losing our ability to perform in the bedroom is scary. For peace of mind, invest in some "erection insurance." These are health supplements that ensure long-term functioning on several fronts:

1. Longjack (LJ 100)

I know, “longjack” even sounds suggestive. But it’s actually the most tested and proven natural testosterone booster, at least if you get the LJ 100 kind. Low levels of testosterone contribute to lackluster erections. Longjack (a.k.a. Eurycoma longifolia or Tongkat Ali) is an effective non-pharmacological treatment for androgen deficiency.

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2. Fish Oil

Frequent erections rely on flood flow, and omega-3 fatty acids promote healthy blood flow and arterial health. Fish oil helps with vasodilation (widening of blood vessels), which allows for increased blood flow to the wing-wang.

Likewise, inflammation plays a role in erection health. By reducing excess inflammation, fish oil helps ensure healthy nerve function. Inflammation interferes with the transmission of signals between the brain and the penis necessary for erection initiation and maintenance. Performance anxiety is another erection killer, and fish oil squashes anxiety.

Use high-dose fish oil such as Flameout (Buy at Amazon) to keep the blood flowing, chronic inflammation extinguished, and anxiety under control.

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3. Punicalagin

Punicalagin is a type of polyphenol found in pomegranate. Punicalagin elevates nitric oxide (NO) levels, which relaxes the smooth muscle fibers of penile arteries so they allow more blood flow. A study of 61 men found that 47% reported improved erections with punicalagin.

It’s difficult to get enough punicalagin from pomegranate because a lot of it is found in the rind and pith, not the juice. To get an erection-supporting amount, take P-Well (Buy at Amazon), which contains a whopping 180 mg of the good stuff.


4. Micellar Curcumin

Erections involve biological plumbing (blood vessels), and the pressure in biological plumbing is regulated by nitric oxide. If you increase the integrity of the plumbing and turn up the pressure by increasing nitric oxide, you maximize erections. Curcumin does both if you use the micellar high-absorption formula (Buy at Amazon).



  1. “Corpora cavernosa fibroblasts mediate penile erection”, Eduardo Linck Guimaraes, David Oliveira Dias, Wing Fung Hau, Anais Julien, Daniel Holl, Maria Garcia-Collado, Soniya Savant, Evelina Vågesjö, Mia Phillipson, Lars Jakobsson, Christian Göritz. Science, online 8 February 2024, doi: 10.1126/science.ade8064.

“penises of mice and men”. nice.


Has anyone tried these all together and had success? Because this combination seems like some high powered shit!!!

I take all of them (just started Omega-Man). Of course, these supps have multiple benefits, but if “erection insurance” is one of them, that’ll keep me from missing a dose. :grinning:

I think it was TC Luoma who talked about your erection health as the canary in a coalmine. You’ve probably heard the analogy: in the old days, miners took birds down into the mines because if the bird died that meant they were next since the birds were more sensitive to any gasses or toxins that may be released during mining.

So I take all of these for overall health with the pleasant side effect of keeping the ol’ lap rocket ready for blast off.

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