Erectile Issues After Recent Cycle

Hey, first time posting. So I’ve been off and on cycles for a few years now but I’ve just recently had erectile issues.

I’ve been running test e 500/wk for a few weeks now and added tren e 450/wk. ran that for 4 weeks in and started having issues so I got off. Now I can’t get hard, have almost no libido, blood pressure high and heart rate is in the 90’s constantly. I’ve gone to take a panel but need mini me working sooner than later, was wondering if anyone had any idea what this might be and if they had a quick fix. Gf leaves town for two years in 30 days and wanna give a proper send off

Did you have prolactin checked in the blood panel? 19-nors can raise it and that can cause several issues. You can get P-5-P legally to help lower it, or caber/prami if it’s super out of whack. But since you dropped the tren, caber/prami would probably crush it completely so they might not be a good idea.

I got everything checked. Awaiting results. From what I understand prolactin gives nipple sensitivity or bumps and I have neither. Blood just doesn’t flow down there and it honestly feels kind of numb. Trying my best to describe this to hopefully find someone who’s been through the same.

Try Cialis in the mean time as a crutch. It works amazing for blood flow! Good LUCK!

How long have you been off cycle?

Getting it in the meantime is the problem

I’ve been off tren for a little over 2 weeks now

Where you from bro? Why is it hard to get? If it’s due to insurance, there are many doctors out there that will see you for cash if you simply let them know that you don’t have insurance. Also it’s a way around the red tape insurance companies have making it difficult for you to actually see a doctor if you just decide to pay cash out of pocket. If its cost concerns because of no insurance, I’m not sure if you’re here in the United States but there are programs out there like here in the United States called GoodRx that offers 80 to 90% discounts off prescription meds. Also the patents for that medication ran out and now they offer a lot of generics for far less expensive. I would definitely take a little opportunity to research that. You may be very pleased at how easy it is to actually get if you put in the effort. Sincerely best of luck bro!

@Med_Pro is right. It’s very easy to get a script through your PCP due to the fact that it’s mostly harmless when used correctly. You can get a months worth for $60 with a free GoodRx coupon.

Two weeks likely isn’t long enough to return to normal, if it was the tren causing an issue.