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Erectile Dysfunction on Testosterone P

Hey guys I’m on 350mg of test p, proviron 50mged and 250ius 2x a week. I am having erection problems,get morning wood sometimes and I’m fine masturbating but it takes a lot of work. Also no sensitivity

My balls are really small and tight too. Is the hcg maybe not working?

Here are my bloods

*174.0 nmol/L 7.60 - 31.40

*6.63 nmol/L 0.30 - 1.00

40.5 pmol/L 0.00 - 191.99

15.8 nmol/L 16.00 - 55.00

What’s your E-2? Are you taking a AI?

E2 at 40 and no I’m not taking an ai

Something is definitely not right. E-2 of 40 is a little high but most don’t have that issue at that level. How about the source of your HCG? Trusted source? How long have you used this source? HCG should stop the balls from shrinking. Maybe some others can chime in.

Hcg is legit. Got my hcg levels tested and it came back high. But my lh and fsh was still shut down.

Should I use Adex and up the hcg? Because I’m not responding to that dose

lol in the words of Adam Savage from Mythbusters, “well, there’s your problem”. yeah dude, estrogen is important in getting an erection. too much or too little of estrogen will prevent you from getting an erection. Your bloods are accurate but they don’t tell the whole story. your e-2 may look normal, but the conversion process is all out of wack.

take adex .375 mg EOD. dosage is .25-.5 mg eod. I think you should start at .375 and play with it a bit.

I would drop the hcg to be honest. The only reason to use hcg is if you’re over 40 and on trt and NEVER want kids. hcg is only to be used as a rescue to save your testicles after years of steroid use. this can only be done maybe 3 times max. after that you’re kinds screwed.

the hcg is acting as a super LH. it may affect your lh and fsh levels. I’m not sure.

TL;DR. add adex .375, drop hcg, add 50 mg dhea ED

Im start off with 0.25 adex eod but still stay on the Hcg as I want my balls to get back to normal size. What is dhea gonna do for me ?

Leroy Colbert explains dhea. your balls wont go back to normal so long as you are on androgens.