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Erectile Dysfunction on Test E?

Hey just wanted to share my problems with you so you can give me some solutions-advices
Im on test enanthate 500mg per week (in 2 dosages 250mg every

Could be high estrogen, could be low estrogen, a blood test is your next step.

should be done on a specific day? for example after injection or after taking arimidex or it doesnt matter actually?

I would do it the day after injection/AI dose so you can kinda see where you are at your highest but it probably doesn’t matter since we are mainly looking at your E2. It could be something unrelated to e2 as well. How’s your diet been, stress levels? There are a lot of factors, is this your first cycle?

Yeap first cycle.
Im not making any diet actually… i just eat everything-every kind of food, as always.
No stress, probably just because i have this problem always in my mind makes the problem bigger you know…

Like anxiety? anxiety can manifest physically in a lot of different ways and in my experience being on cycle
Basically amplifies every “emotion” you are already having, just something to consider

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Well yeah like anxiety… if you afraid for something for example that you wont have hard d**k-erectile, then you probably wont have it!

ED on test is so uncommon, and estrogen is a good thing on test, e2 should be in ratio with your test, so it’s probably in your head man

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Checked your blood pressure?


Yes and no. Even if it’s in ratio a fair amount of people will experience ED with elevated estrogen same as if your estrogen is too low. But nothing about his levels are within ratio right now I can almost guarantee.

Thats a lot of arimidex for 500mg/week. This is exactly why I say for test only cycles there is no need to start arimidex from the start.

You need bloods before you start increasing or adjusting anything else.


I haven’t ran my first cycle yet but I’ve been piling up a log on this stuff and it looks like it is common for people to have issues with this on higher dosages of Test 500+

Also seems like people jumping on the AI too quickly, and it looks like this is a contributing factor.

Maybe try not doing the AI?

I was thinking the same thing… taking ai only the day of injection very low dosage for example lower than 0.25mg
Anyway i will see how it goes

Do you get an erection at night? enough to wake you up? If so, then its not physiological, more psychological.

i dont remember that kind of night erection… actually i dont sleep very well (only few hours and i sleep too late-i wake up early) probably a bad combination too :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive been on 500 mg per week test e and I cant even go to the grocery store without getting wood. Its actually a bit annoying to be honest. I just left the grocery store and legit 100% when I got out of my truck to go in I got wood. Not thinking about sex. Just thinking about the grocery list and BAM hard on. I just adjust and hope it goes away before somebody notices lol

wow… AI?

No ai. Never taken ai ever. I take 10 mg nolva daily.

lack of sleep can fuck up everything, I’ve discovered this the hard way.

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