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Erectile Dysfunction During PCT

So i come off blast and cruise and had following protocol

Low dose test for 2 months at 150mg a week
Last 3 weeks i added in hcg at 500iu 3x per week
Then i immediately did 15 days of 1500iu e3d hcg.

Right after hcg, clomid 50mg and nolva 20mg Every day.
Im 2 weeks into the 2 serms now and since a week my libido is crashed until the point where i can get no erection.
It takes cialis and viagra to achieve one.
Is this normal during pct and will it go back to normal again?

it will take some time.
eat red meat + lots of veggies

Buy a Good Test Booster !

Is this something common?

So i got bloodwork done, estrogen is at 11 pg/ml, at range 11-42, so just in range on the lower side.
Is this common for this phase of hpta recovery?

That’s pretty low. Eventually everything will come back into balance (assuming a normal recovery), but in the meantime I guess you’ll have to live with a weak libido. It’s not unexpected though. That’s the price you pay for those gains you make on cycle. No free lunches.

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no free lunches. boy aint that the truth and then some.