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Erectile Dysfunction and OxyElite Pro


Hello all, I started taking OxyElite Pro exactly 1 week ago and I am having problems with erections, like I don't get as hard and when I do it is momentarily. Sucks because I was with a women on thursday night and had to go down on her for a shitload in order to get harddd. I though it was because of my cycle I finished a few weeks ago but I was hard as a rock after my cycle and have done them before so I know it was not that. After researching about oxyelite pro I found this:

Other Side Effects Reported by Male OxyELITE Pro Users
Very few (less than half of 1%) of male OxyELITE Pro have reported having erection issues with OxyELITE Pro.

The effect is caused by the 1,3 dimethylamylamine, which is a potent vasoconstrictor. This is an indication of OEPâ??s effectiveness and this will pass within a few days or so (dependent on the individual). You will start to notice the effect decreasing soon after dosage and then ultimately it may subside indefinitely as it does for most.

Does the last paragraph mean I can still keep taking it and the boner issues will vanish or is it referring to after I stop taking it?



did you have a PCT? You could have still had test in your system the last time and thats why you could still "perform".


Yes sir I had proper PCT and I recovered, as usual. However, all the posts of ED and OEP relate 100% to what I am experiencing. I will serve as a Guinea Pig and stop using OEP to see what's what. Hopefully some people will get peace of mind reading this post.


Yes Sir I had proper PCT and recovered perfectly. Plus the cycle was orals (first time with orals, just to see if they work) so it got out of my system quickly whereas injectables would be another explanation. The descriptions of people experiencing ED while using OEP match 110% with what I am experiencing. I am going to discontinue OEP use and let you guys know, I know I am not the only one as it has been stated in many posts, but still, kind of skeptical.



I've heard of people having similar issues while taking Jack3d (same company, same key ingredients) so it's probably safe to say it's the geranium present in both products.


I had that problem using J3D pre workout even on a test cycle.

No more geranium for me! Love the mental focus and energy but the side effects for me aren't worth it.


I just signed up after reading this post. i love jack3d and oxyelite however i had the same problem i had situations where i couldn't get hard. This is scaring the shit out of me i just started using oxyelite pro for about a week and half and mixed with jack 3d. all i can say if a supplement if messing with my Pipe then i need to stop taking it. Is there anything to fix this problem.


I could imagine that taking a vasodilator would counteract these effects.

While I think little of any NO or pump product, arginine could theoretically help due to its influence on endothelial function. Similarly, antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E could help, as well (also due to manipulations of the endothelium). In the same vein (pun intended), fruits, vegetables, and anything with a high concentration of antioxidants could help this, most notable dark chocolate (or chocamine I suppose), garlic, and ginger.

Of course, if you are having real troubles, talking to your doctor about a PDE5 inhibitor will do the trick.


Oral ingestion of arginine is proven to do nothing unless you take enough to make you vomit...kind of the same as not taking enough at all. Perhaps avoiding shady companies might be in order.