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Erect Nipples During Cruise (80mg Test)

Hello Guys,
I’ve been on Test cyp only for 12 weeks (second cycle) with no AI, everything went great '`(no gyno, no itchiness, no puffiness, no acne) my TT was 4500 ng on only 250 mg test week (split into 2 injections). I was running 25 mg/day of pharma grade Proviron.
Then I decided to cruise on 80 mg test/week (2 injections / week), it’s been 2 weeks and suddenly my nipples became erect, like hard, only the nipples (exactly like when it’s cold outside and you don t wear a shirt) they don’t hurt, no puffiness behind it or lump). It happened to me 3 years ago with Test E, but no gyno and went away once PCT started. I started 0,5mg Arimidex twice a week, I know thats too much for that low of dose (80mg). Also this is a new bottle of test, so I don’t know if the concentration is different, is it a prob with the compound ? is it because I dropped from 250mg then 150mg then 80 mg per week ? I have no idea whats causing this ? and when I shower like warm water, or workout it goes away.

Man I wouldn’t go downing arimadex like tic tacs. Just ride it out. Its not the worst problem in the world and you could be over examining it.

Thanks for the reply brother,
You’re right I am gonna stop the AI, I was also planning on doing TT blood test in 6 week.
I couldn’t any info on the cruise protocol. Let me explain, 12 weeks Blast 250mg Test C right, Testosterone peaks in 6weeks so in the 6 or seventh week you do a blood test wich I did, 4500ng TT, then when you cruise with a dose like mine 80mg/week, do I have to wait another 6 week for my new dose to peak in order to do a blood test of TT? because I want to know where I am at.

Your plasma levels peak a little faster than 6 weeks. You are within 95% of stable levels within 3 weeks. That doesn’t mean your body responds that fast but your blood tests will show correctly within that time. Here is a chart to help.

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It’s only been two weeks, and that’s a huge TT. Since e2 is going to go down slower than T it’s possible you just need to give it another week or two to catch up with your new cruise dose.

Also, that’s a stellar response on only 250mg T

Thank you so much for the chart, I found the site https://www.steroidplotter.com/
so I think I ll do a blood test once I ve reached 4 weeks into my cruise to see if my TT are within the normal range, Thank you so much brother it really helped

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It make sense I didn’t thought about it, I will stop the AI and see in 2 weeks how I feel.
Thanks brother, and yeah 4500ng for 250mg (250mg/ml), I was shocked. Usually when I take 200mg (200mg/ml/week) I ll get like 1800ng , so I thought with a (250mg/ml/week) It would be around 2500ng but this time was different, I dont know if its the concentration of the test bottle that I got maybe overdosed who knows.

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Yeah the only way to know would be to get some real pharma grade 200mg/mL and test it out

If its really bothering you 10mg/day of Nolvadex should do the trick. Its much milder than an AI.

Thanks brother, I ll keep that in mind, the hard nipple sensation just freaks me out, I know it’s not gyno but, I am always thinking about it, but the think is, every time I shower (warm water) it goes away. Also my joints starts to ache a little bit, so I think I went a little too far with the AI, thanks for the advice.