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Erase Pro

Anyone used Erase pro?..supposedly gives you hard gains…I was considering to use it, let me know your experience, thanks!

My personal opinion is to save your money, spend it on some quality food. The supplement industry is full of tons of crap that won’t do much to help you, will use up tons of your money, sometimes be potentially dangerous, and even sometimes are just outright lies. They are businesses, and businesses are greedy, and willing to do whatever it takes to get your money, even if that means telling lies, and even harming your health. This is, however, not what you want to hear, and you will most likely go off on some tangent as many posters often do when I offer this advice and flame me.

Short version: This sounds like a waste of money to me.

“Underground Hormone Modulator” - according to the ad copy. Also average price of $69.99 per 30 count bottle.

When I was in my 20’s, I thought that all I needed to do to get jacked was somehow amp up my natural T-levels and wait. It didn’t happen -lol. Eventually I realized that there’s a hell of a lot of things to focus on; proper nutrients, smart training, rest and recovery.

When I hit my late 30’s, I did find that certain supplements indeed had an effect on my recovery (Mineral Support, Alpha Male, etc). They were in addition to the other pieces of the puzzle that had already been addressed over the years. While they didn’t pack tons of muscle on me, they allowed me to slowly keep improving year by year in little steps (a realistic claim).

“Extreme Muscle Hardening Agent” - Also from the ad copy. The hardness of your muscles typically has to do with the water held within, and without the muscle cells (with glycogen levels also contributing, albeit IMO moreso to the visual effect).

I’m certainly no chemist (and there are guys on here who I’m sure can get real science-y in discussing this), just a guy who loves to train, and has put in enough years, making enough silly, sometimes stupid mistakes to be able to look back, with a degree of perspective, skepticism, and possibly some wisdom and label the good decisions from the poorer ones. A lot of gym time was wasted chasing programs that either weren’t suited to me, or I failed to understand completely. More importantly though, a lot of money, and trust (naivete) was wasted on supplements that I truly believed (wanted to believe?) would suddenly solve my physique goals.

The reason I use what I use these days is because I can sit anyone down, and explain the exact rationale (science) of WHY they contribute small pieces to the puzzle that is my training. I believe in the efficacy of the products I choose to use (mostly Biotest stuff, with an admitted increased reliance since I began competing), and recommend them to all my friends and clients, BUT even I realize that they are not magic.

If you’re looking for ‘hard gains’, all you need to do is focus on quality gains without falling prey to putting on fat in the process, something many people succumb to. Muscle gains are slow to come, even in the best of us (1-2 lb per months if we’re gifted and lucky). Sure supplements have come a long way since the first protein powders, but IMO, I’d focus on the stuff that you know works, instead of throwing away 70 bucks for something that makes claims around an “UNDERGROUND COMPOUND” that supposedly will screw with your hormone levels.

(Up early today, Fiance’s still asleep, didn’t realize I typed so much -lol. Hope it doesn’t come off as a rant!)


heard tons of good things about PES Erase. Some decent things about erase pro. But yeah it will mess with your hormones which usually isn’t a good idea unless you know you have something wrong and you are trying to fix like an e2 issue or something.