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Era Of Brutality: Built For Battle Speed/Explosive Option (Oh, And Ballet)


(Thanks, @Chris_Colucci)

Also, I noticed that the first set of 5 squats seemed really heavy. In fact I had miscounted the plates and loaded up 200kg not 180. So 200x5, and a kind of stupid achievement.


TuesDONE. 26 minutes 30. Ironically I’m not taking class tonight - the most romantic thing I do by far is cancelled because V-day.


Wednesday done. 22 mins


Friday motherfucker yesterday. 28 mins, missed the final 220kg’er.


Done in 20 minutes 10 seconds


Back at it after a week at MWC in Barcelona where I somehow lost weight. I also had a ripper of a ballet class on Sunday. Tuesday workout it is, and got around in 24 minutes 25.

I have another trip coming over the weekend so maybe trying to fit in some heavy lifting this week, or perhaps do the test workout?


Did Wednesday instead. 21 mins 52. Started on 2x34kg DB presses, did 10, held, got to 6, nearly dropped one on my face.


Trying to restart this after a lot of travel disruption. On Saturday, did the Tuesday workout in 23 mins. Class on Thursday and Saturday; someone asked if I’d been practising specially on Thursday, nothing special yesterday


Wednesday workout on Monday. Did the assistance workout waiting for the rack, a mistake as usual. Also I seem to have a stomach bug of some sort. Did the first three circuits in 15 mins and jacked it in


Friday mother fucker on Wednesday! And that went pretty much great right up to the 220kg squat, 115kg push press, 120kg bench, 110kg pull maxes.

I am always amazed how much effort the assistance is and on Monday I now remember I did the whole set of Bulgarian split squats holding a 34kg DB. Maybe why my obliques are so sore.


Saturday done after the usual 2x classes in the meantime.


Test workout. Deads 2x5 110kg, 2x4 130kg, 1x3 150kg, MISS 170kg, 1x160kg
Bench 1x10 80kg, 1x8 90kg, 1x4 100kg, 1x2 110kg, 1x 120kg
Squat 1x5 190kg, 1x4 200kg, 1x 210kg

This is weird. All of these felt heavy and the 210kg visibly bent the bar, which it doesn’t usually seem. Have I been misloading? Anyway, decent total but no advance this year. I might have another crack in the next workout.

Or was it something to do with my ballet teacher’s crack last night that “the boys are getting so good they’re almost women”?



Push press 5x80kg, 5x90kg, 3x100kg, 2x105kg, 1x110kg, 1x115kg.
SGHP 5x80, 3x90, 3x100, 1x105, 1x110
Pull-ups 5x5

During this some guy who wanted to do squats without the rack asked me to clean the weight onto his shoulders. Did that. He finishes his set and asks some other guy to take the bar off him. Takes a breather, asks me again. Some other guy spots him. Takes a rest, asks 3rd random guy to spot the bar up…and rando misses the lift. It’s only 50kg! So I come over and do it. Feels.



Back at it…
Reps 5/4/3/2/1
Pullups BW
Bench 90/95/100/105/110
SGHP 80/85/90/95/105 (misloaded the last rep but got it)
Squat 160/170/180/190/200
Push press 85/90/95/100/105

Done in 24 minutes 20, a time PR for the Tuesday.


For some reason I felt far stronger than during the test workouts.


Weak week. Restart with Tuesday. Felt strong as fuck but couldn’t help miscounting plates and needing to reload so let’s not discuss times.


Saturday: did the Wednesday workout. 22mins.


Wednesday: did Friday.


Thursday: did Saturday in 22 minutes.


Back at it with Tuesday and a 50 second time PR at 23.30!