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Era Of Brutality: Built For Battle Speed/Explosive Option (Oh, And Ballet)

Friday		90	95	3RM	105	110
Reps		5	4	3	2	1
Bench		99	104.5	110	115.5	121
SGHP		90	95	100	105	110
Squat		180	190	200	210	220
Push press	90	95	100	105	110

At last…Friday Motherfucker’s mother is mine. Missed the last rep on 105kg SGHP but snagged the 220kg squat for a 10kg PR. what could be a better Christmas gift?


A couple of test workouts between Christmas and New Year.

  1. Deadlifts, 5x110kg each grip, 5x130 each grip, 3x150, 1x160, fail at 170. No progress (although it’s not like I train them)
    SGHP 3x80, 3x90, 2x100
    Bench 10x80, 5x90, 3x100, 3x100, 1x120

  2. Squat 3x180, 3x190, 3x200, 2x210, 1x220
    Push press 3x80, 3x90, 3x100, 2x110, 3x105
    Pull ups 3x10.

Finishing the year with an 1100 total.


Updated table for the new year, rounded to the nearest plate as usual.


DUN. 25 mins. Plus a lot of stretching, pullups, and chinups waiting for the rack.


Wednesday workout on Wednesday. Did the assistance circuit waiting for the rack, including those Bulgarian split squats for the first time. Then ripped into the circuit. First three rounds, pull-ups and bench presses for the 4th done in 15 minutes and then CRASH I slammed my knee into something iron so hard I drew blood, rolling through to make the quick change from bench to SGHP.

I decided if I was that gassed/manic it was time to stop before I dropped a bar on myself.


Checking in with the log. Took Captain Marmite’s second class of the year on Thursday. This was hell but I was expecting it; if you’ve not touched the barre for weeks you’re going to suck and the only answer is to line up and work. Terribly, the Captain is back from his break in a perfectionist mood and we did a ton of very repetitive technique exercises while he demanded we repeat everything.

I was in front of him on the barre and may have been part of the problem. Certainly he gave me a very hard time about hip isolation (I got in a danceoff on NYE and may not have been thinking classical…)

I also took in my other teacher’s Friday class, usually tougher than Sunday. This was a bit special as she had guests watching us; sometimes these are teacher evaluators but I later found out they were someone’s relatives.

At least this went better; we all got into the “madame’s show class!” thing and did a really strong barre. centre was OK but jumps were a bit shit. I was also trying out a new pair of shoes I’ve been chasing so not quite sure about turns.

No lifting this weekend as I am planning to take other teacher’s class tomorrow and also Russian class immediately after. I may die in which case I will remember y’all to Rudolf.


Not actually dead. Did get some very nice turns out of it but was a mess on the barre during Russian class. Damn that shit hurts. Nothing but huge kicks, turns, and jumps:-)

I think I might like take it easy today with the B4B friday motherfucker workout. Oy.


So I did the Friday mofo. This was great up to the last circuit; missed the last SGHP and squat at 110 and 220kg respectively. No drama; it just wasn’t happening. I blame the Russians.


Done, but I mistakenly stopped the clock after the first circuit (4 minutes 18 seconds until ready for the next).


I also took class on Tuesday night and it was implausibly good; no clear idea why except maybe some lessons about the neck and upper back took hold? Anyway, going tonight as well.


DONE. 25 minutes. (I overloaded the first round of bench presses to 100kg and SGHP to 90 because I forgot I was using 25kg plates. Oy.)


(Bit of a failed week but I did take class on Thursday and Sunday.)


Took class again on Tuesday. Decided to relaunch today with the Tuesday workout. Done in 25 minutes and quite pleased with the bench presses and the SGHPs - I’ve been shooting for more range of movement in both.

72.5 77.5 82.5 87.5 92.5 
Reps 5 4 3 2 1 
Bench 80 85 90 95 10100
SGHP 75 80 85 90 95 
Squat 150 160 170 180 190 
Push press 80 85 90 95 100                   
Assistance 1 10 8 6 BSS RDL DBR DB press

Done. Had to do the assistance first waiting for the rack, 110kg RDL, 34kg DBs for the DB work. Main circuit done in 23 minutes probably because the assistance came first and some of the reloading between circuits could have been better.


In for the Friday today. Did the first circuit and then someone wanted to work in between the individual exercises. As he needed help setting up each time this was never going to happen. Coming back tomorrow to fetch it


Finally got the Friday. Kind of heavy and missed the last 220kg single squat (felt off to one side unracking)


In case you’re wondering I took class on Thursday and Sunday, and knocked off the Saturday workout on Friday in 20 minutes 14 seconds. This is a PR, I think.


Done in 27 minutes 30.


23 minutes. Thought this might be a speed record but got a bit sloppy changing out the weights.

90 95 3RM 105 110 
Reps 5 4 3 2 1 
Bench 99 105 110 115 120 
SGHP 90 95 100 105 110 
Squat 180 190 200 210 220 
Push press 95 100 105 110 115


So I was hoping for a super week but didn’t do this on Friday. Done it now though. Also, my teacher is back from a knee operation and redesigning her class around Nicki Minaj songs. (“You know basically all choreography got between 5 and 10 times faster in the 20th century? I’m trying to prepare you for that.”)