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Era Of Brutality: Built For Battle Speed/Explosive Option (Oh, And Ballet)


It’s Friday so it must be the Friday Motherfucker. Done in 31 minutes. Black powerlifting girl (her of “one day that bar’s going to snap”) wanted to shake me by the hand


Bit of a crap week after last week’s power surge. Slightly disappointing Sunday class. Tested big lifts today:

Deadlift 5x120, 3x140, 2x160, 1x165kg. 5kg PR
SGHP 5x70, 5x80, 5x90, 4x100, 1x110
Bench 5x80, 5x90, 4x100, 3x110, 1x120
Squat 5x160, 5x180, 3x200, 1x205
Push press 5x80, 5x90, 3x100, 1x105

total: Squat 205kg/451lb, Deadlift 165kg/363lb, Bench 120kg/264lb = 1,056lb, up 11lb


Back to it. Thought I might set a blazing time PR but only got 29 mins sniff sniff. Weights felt a bit light though! Pity I couldn’t remember a damn thing in Sunday class.


Let’s put the revised table together!

Tuesday		80%	85%	90%	95%	3RM
Reps		5	4	3	2	1
Bench		88	93.5	99	104.5	110
SGHP		80	85	90	95	100
Squat		160	170	180	190	200
Push press	80	85	90	95	100
		72.5	77.5	82.5	87.5	92.5
Reps		5	4	3	2	1
Bench		79.75	85.25	90.75	96.25	101.75
SGHP		72.5	77.5	82.5	87.5	92.5
Squat		145	155	165	175	185
Push press	72.5	77.5	82.5	87.5	92.5
Assistance 1		10	8	6		
DB press						
Friday		90	95	3RM	105	110
Reps		5	4	3	2	1
Bench		99	104.5	110	115.5	121
SGHP		90	95	100	105	110
Squat		180	190	200	210	220
Push press	90	95	100	105	110
Saturday		70	75	80	85	90
Reps		5	4	3	2	1
Bench		77	82.5	88	93.5	99
SGHP		70	75	80	85	90
Squat		140	150	160	170	180
Push press	70	75	80	85	90
Assistance 2						
Hammer curl						
lateral raise						
triceps extension						

Friday Motherfucker is looking…like it might fuck your mother.


DONE. Time for the main circuit 27 mins. 34kg DBs for the assistance and 110kg for the RDLs, as above. Noticed I’m growing a nice new lifting callus a couple of weeks after the last two flaked off.

In other news, legend crazy-ass ballet teacher is back from his triple bypass operation and whipping us senseless. Learned or re-learned the whole range of pas de bourrés including the fancy Bournonville jobs; he called all the men out one by one to check we weren’t slacking. (“All boys ever want to do is turn and jump.” Not wrong.)


OK so the Friday motherfucker…fucked my mom. This was fucking hard but went real well right up to the final circuit of singles - even though I didn’t go for both PRs as the book says, but went 2x205kg and then 1x210kg, I missed the 210kg. I was ready to walk it out when I realised it was still fouling the rack at one end and would hang up as I squatted it, so I re-racked, did the push press, and left it at that.

That said, the last push press is a 5kg PR and technically the 2 reps squat is a reps PR.


Saturday done. 26 mins. Not pleased. At least I remembered how to do Bournonville pas de bourrés, as yer man was in a fire eating mood…right up to ripping open his shirt and showing the gruesome scar to demand that we go in harder. And you thought a ballet/powerlifting log was a culture clash…


Off after this today. 28 minutes. Setting up for the last circuit took ages as for some reason I couldn’t work out how many plates I needed, and when I hit it, I realised I had 200kg but not evenly distributed. oy. This after spending half an hour watching Chad and Brad spotting each other on 60kg incline and decline benches.


DONE in 21 minutes for a time PR. Conference call in 20 mins so sacked off the assistance.


Friday DONE. Got 2 reps at 205kg on squats and a PR at 210kg. Also took the push press to 110 for 2 and then 120 for a very shaky PR…which I didn’t have to.

Friday’s mom is watching me lift now.


Also, I got three count’em three calls in class on Thursday. one for having my shit together in pliés, one for dammit attitude balance on demi pointe with a high allongé (this is like the most show-off slutty thing I know), and one for turns. turns.


Did the main circuit in 22 mins. Have been feeling anxious and weird lately but this has sorted me right out.


You’re fucking strong man jeeez. Awesome work! Have you been lifting for awhile or did you build all the power from ballet alone?

Also your log is hilarious to read lol


Lifting for a while! There are two older logs on here from when I was running Thibs’ Look Like a Bodybuilder/Perform Like an Athlete and then Wendler’s 5/3/1 Beach Body Challenge


Although tbh B4B has waaay more “beach” impact.


Done in 26 minutes.


Done in 24 mins for the main circuit, rounding to 5kg marks. Did the 110kg RDLs 5/4/3 each for left and right mixed grip, couldn’t find a bench for the rest, went off to eat meat


Did the Friday MF yesterday (after a weekend including a notably bad class). I have a stinking cold and a job interview and didn’t sleep after about 3am and therefore the weights felt…heavy, or something? Got as far as 210kg for 1 on squats rather than pushing for a PR.

Also managed to miss a bench press attempt at 100kg. Right hand side just started to go down; I managed to rack the left but the right sank into the safety. Climbed out, reracked, got back in, fetched the lift.


Back to the gym after a difficult week. Stinking cold, job interview, gf wants to put the flat on the market. That said I flew in class on Thursday and Sunday (in one that’s waay harder), I think I had something to get out.

Decided to do the Tuesday 'cos it’s Tuesday and it turned out strong. Lifts all felt good, especially the bench and push presses.

Not so happy about the SGHP though - since I’ve been trying to adopt CT’s form advice I’m finding them tougher. On the last circuit I decided to lower the safeties to give myself more room to drop into the hang, forget the advice, and concentrate on brutally yanking the weight up. that seemed to help and it was probably the best lift of the day


Back at it for the Wednesday workout on Monday. Time for the main circuit 22mins. Quite pleased to get the assistance in.