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Era Of Brutality: Built For Battle Speed/Explosive Option (Oh, And Ballet)


It’s a pretty intense training program, so I guess if you can’t recover properly falling sick is a potential side effect I’d reckon


So on Saturday morning I could barely stagger out for fish and chips, but by Sunday I felt well enough to go take class. This was the first time I actually wore the full fig - dance belt and a leotard - and now of course I know the exact location of every scrap of adipose tissue on me. Also, the straps make my shoulders look hyoooge but not in a good way.

Decent class; but now, on Monday morning, I feel absolutely dreadful and I’m at fucking work.


Took a democratic decision to smash some more iron even if aliens are still camped in my faceholes.

Pretty much that. Bench went 75/80/90/95/and then misloaded to 120. High pulls 70/75/80/85/90. Squat 140/150/160/170/180. Push 75/80/85/90/95. Did the DBRs and DB presses with 34kg DBs. Still haven’t tried the Balkan stuff.


Back in today after dance yesterday, still with facehugging germ attack.

Did the first three circuits of Friday and then realised there was no way I was going to get 2 squat PRs feeling like this.


I like the way you express yourself!


Feeling better after flying in class on Sunday, so went back to fetch this. Incredibly entitled person waited until I’d finished setting up before wanting the rack to finish their whatever. Finally going. All great until I missed the 195kg 2rep squat - not in any dramatic way, it just wasn’t going to happen. Quite pleased with the rest though.


That push press :heart_eyes:


Smile, show them you feel it…and for God’s sake don’t drop the lady. (Workout dedicated to a friend of mine who just signed his pro contract and has been learning repertoire that has an overhead press lift in it this week. That’s basically an overhead press, but with a woman.)

Did the Saturday workout with rounding as above. As it was what passes for a light day, I thought I’d make a speed run of it and hit a time of 28 minutes for the whole show. Quite pleased…

also hit up the assistance circuit 2 with 55lb core bag/12kg lateral raise/and failed the hammer curls with the big DB. too gassed from the circuit.

 80% 85% 90% 95% 3RM
 Reps 5 4  3  2  1
 Bench 85 90 95 100 105
 SGHP 75 80 85 90 100
 Squat 150 160 170 180 190
 Push press 80 85 90 95 100

You read that right. Did the final SGHP 5kg too heavy…is there such a thing? Elapsed time 35 minutes. Not a demented speedrun like the other day but pretty respectable.


Elapsed time for the circuit 28 mins.
Did the RDLs with 110kgs. This was a bit of a struggle until I remembered to use the mixed grip I usually do deadlifting. did 3x5, will get more next time. Did the DBRs and DB presses with 34kg DBs


The RDL first set has left me with angry SI joints, which makes one very particular weight shift painful. Naturally that one was required in Thursday night ballet class - kick ahead, immediately kick behind, AAAAGH, kick to the side, tombé…

Didn’t stop me doing Friday circuits though and pulling in a 200kg SKWAT PR. COME AT ME.


Sunday class was disappointing - we were stuck in a tiny studio up under the rafters and everything came down to just trying not to bother too many people.

Back to the gym today for Saturday on Tuesday:

Saturday	70	75	80	85	90
Reps		5	4	3	2	1
Bench		75	80	85	90	100
SGHP		70	75	80	85	95
Squat		140	150	160	170	180
Push press	70	75	80	85	90
Assistance 2						
Hammer curl						
lateral raise						

Writing this out I realise I overloaded the last couple of benches, high pulls, and squats. But who cares, let’s get strawng:-) Also I am pleased and proud to have blasted through the main circuit in 26 minutes, a PR by two minutes.


Early doors for Tuesday on Wednesday. Crushed through the first 4 circuits in 20 minutes and then had to break for a phone call.

                72.5	77.5	82.5	87.5	92.5
Reps		5	4	3	2	1
Bench		76.125	81.375	86.625	91.875	97.125
SGHP		68.875	73.625	78.375	83.125	87.875
Squat		137.75	147.25	156.75	166.25	175.75
Push press	72.5	77.5	82.5	87.5	92.5

Rounded to nearest five, as usual. So pleased to have my SI joints in the usual place for class last night and be able to blast through full out…decided not to bother with the assistance for fear of fucking them up again, as I could feel it again after dance. right

teacher comment: “your knees in plié should be like the US and China…separated by the Pacific…pulling away from each other. if they get too close it’s war.”


I forgot to log this but while hitting that 200kg SKWAT on Friday I heard someone saying “some day that bar’s going to snap”.

yes, and then I will be strong enough.


OK, strong class on Sunday. Back in the gym for the Friday Motherfucker as I think of it. Today, I hit both the 200kg 2RM and a 205kg 1RM Squat, aka a rep PR and a 5kg PR. Elapsed time was 31 minutes. Feel like a solid mass of test.


Done in 25 minutes. Skipped the assistance because I couldn’t find a bench and needed to get to work.


Off to see the family over the weekend so no lifting or dancing. Did have a key lifter experience though: one’s aunt openly pawing and commenting on one’s delts. Achievement unlocked.

Back in the gym today. Rack tied up ("that’s your mecca, innit?) so thought I’d do some pulling work:


Left hand mixed grip
Right hand mixed grip

8x120kg other grip

4x140kg other grip

Miss at 160kg. Fuck what. Possibly blew too much volume early on. But I’d rather have a 205kg Squat, big traps, and better conditioning than have a big boring deadlift.

So he says.

Pull ups 3x10 and out


You heard the lady. got this done in 30 minutes, a time PR for the Tuesday workout. overheard: “He’s strong. Is he on steroids?”


It’s Wednesday and here’s a Wednesday Workout. Rack tied up so did some assistance:

DB Press 2x34kg DBs, 10/8/6
DB Row 1x34kg DB, 10/8/6 each arm

Back to the assistance: 110kg Romanian deadlifts. Rather than 10/8/6 I did 10 with left-hand mixed grip, 10 with right-hand, 2 with left, 2 with right (i.e. the same total reps).

Elapsed time 29 minutes.