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Equivilent weight

I’m using a machine and my goal is strictly strenghth increase. So:

Are 1 1/2’s equivilent to increasing weight on a rep?

Machines only build strength on the machine you’re using, not in the real world. Do you mean you don’t use free weights? And what machine are you talking about? (don’t say Bowflex)

No. They amount to doing more work with a weight.

I don’t think anything in the world of building strength or muscle is “equivalent” to anything else. But there are alot of good ideas and techniques, increasing weight or 1&1/2s, pauses etc all have their place, in MHO. Search and look at some of Ian Kings workouts, he uses this stuff.

It would help if you could elaborate on your situation a bit more.

What type of machine are you using?

What muscle group(s) are you attempting to increase strength in?

How much weight are you attempting to increase the load by?

Are you looking for a free-weight to machine ratio?

Thanks for the replys. I’m using a TotalGym. I’m 54, 160lbs. I bought Ian King’s book and have read a couple of times and am following it. I’m never going to be a power lifter or Mr. O. I just want to build up strength to get thru the things I do with enough reserve strenth to protect myself from injury.

In some of the exersizes I pushing the limit of the TotalGym. I either need to increase the ‘effective’ weight or go buy plates to hang on it (not my first choice). It can handle 450lbs giving a resistance of 270lbs, but that requires more “stuff”.

Hence my question of equivilent weight.

I have a Total Gym that I used to use a lot. I actually really liked it, and still get a workout in on it every once in a while. When I need to add resistence, I loop a piece of exercise tubing around the base support, then around the top of the sliding part. Picture a rubber U going around the slider attached at the bottom. This adds some resistence and won’t cost too much. Just a thought for you. Jeff