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Equivalent to N.O. Xplode?


Hey, for the last few moths I've been doing SS and then moved on to BBB following people's advice and articles here. Before working out, I'm usually taking a scoop or two of NOX because of the energy (I believe) it gives. I've heard people say it's snake oil, and I've seen others swear by it.

So first off, is it a legitimate supplement or am I just feeling the effects of the high caffeine that is present in it? I could be getting a total placebo effect, right?

Also, what would you recommend as a pre-workout drink to get going for the gym?




Try some Surge Workout Fuel




^^^ I posted that because NO gives me the shits.

If you have the dough get Surge, if not get some gatorade/sugary juice + creatine


Try making your own PreWO

5-10g BCAA's
5g creatine
100mg caffeine
2g beta-alanine

Saves you money and you can switch up dosage to your liking


A large pizza about 2 to 1.5 hours before your workout.


I've wondered about this recently, just mix it in gatorade or an equivalent?




What's the point of combining sth that raises cortisol (caffeine) with sth that raises insulin (BCAAs)?


cortisol isn't all bad + the benefits of BCAA in regards of muscle sparing etc outweigh the slight increase in insulin that you get from BCAA's


I'm not saying cortisol is bad.
It just seems more effective to me to have just the caffeine pre-WO (so we can have a good cortisol buzz), and the BCAAs during- and post-WO.


BCAA pre w/o to get them in your system before you hit the weights as well as during like you said .dont see the need for them after if your gonna drink some whey pwo.
my pre w/o is 200mg caffeine , 10 g BCAA , half tea spoon creatine (the other half pwo)and 650mg tribulus ( i really feel the difference with the trib ,probably my age 43 ).


I just eat a healthy meal about half an hour before going to the gym, works for me!


You guys really need a lesson on reading comprehension.

There is a difference between acute levels of cortisol and CHRONICALLY ELEVATED levels.

Acute = energy, mobilization of fat tissue for energy, aid in tissue RE-construction (necessary for building muscle; yes, cortisol is necessary to build muscle, technically)

Having 100 mg of caffeine isn't going to lead to chronically elevated levels of cortisol. And no, raising cortisol the miniscule amount that 100 mg of caffeine does, every day, does not constitute as chronically elevated.

The factors that would lead to chronically high levels are not just brought on by a cup of coffee.


I wasn't very specific. Apologies.

Can the slight rise in insulin from the BCAAs somehow decrease the (momentary/acute) rise in cortisol from the caffeine, if both of them were combined?

And if so, would it be better to drink the coffee alone (for a much better momentary/acute rise in cortisol), and have the BCAAs during work-out?


what are your main goals gaining or fat loss ? . either way caffeine wont hinder your progress what ever your interest . just look at the amount of big and cut guys on these forums and its probably fair to say that the majority of them use caffeine and/or bcaa.

as for the NOX buy some caffeine pills n take the same amount as whats in the NOX along with your bcaa's n you'll know if its affects are in your head or not.


Is this a serious question? This seems like a very trivial variable to me... Do you have a training log and track your calories down to the last gram? If not, I think you're better suited spending your time keeping track of the variables that are important.


Hi Mr 9500RPM.
I also take NO Xplode before a workout. I believe I get the kick out of the caffeine. I have tried replacing it with coffee, but it doesnt seem to have the same effect, even though I think a large part of it is placebo.
I just like the way it tastes, and its good for washing down my preworkout PB and jelly sammich. As soon as I taste the berry flavour my mind starts to focus and I get all pumped up... to lift some heavy ass weight!!!

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It's a very trivial question to a very silly thread...