Equipped Lifting Alone at a Commercial Gym?

Today I stepped in a Centurion Squat Suit. It took me about 25 minutes to get into the suit. Once I got under the rack, it felt like the bar was gonna roll over my head if I were to start the rep. So, I just set the pins up high, hit depth but decided not to come back up and to instead set the weight down on the pins. So in total, it took me about 40 minutes to complete half a rep on my first day of equipped lifting. Afterwards, I felt nausea for some reason, its not as if I completed even one rep but even the descent was tasking as hell because I was shaking like a maniac. Single ply is no joke, its a different sport entirely. Since I’m training alone, most of the time at a commercial gym, do you guys have any tips? When I put on my shirt I will definitely ask for a spot but on the squat, I don’t have a crew, and can’t just call over 3 dudes to spot me for every set. Thanks

I don’t really have experience lifting equipped myself, but I’ve trained with guys who competed in single ply gear for about two years. Just grabbing some random dude for a lift off is not ideal, first because they need to know what they’re doing to get the bar to the right spot but much more importantly because when you get out of the groove during a heavy single in a shirt you need someone you can really trust to pay attention and be strong enough to help you. If you bench anything significant you’ll propably want three spotters for heavier reps.
If I were you, I definately wouldn’t use a bench without properly adjusted safeties to make sure you don’t crack your skull open or anything like that. :wink:

Find a different gym or a couple of reliable training partners.

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It can be done, but you would be better off with someone to help you out and give you a spot. For some inspiration, look at Blaine Sumner’s training videos or Mike Tuchscherer’s from 8-10 years ago, both of those guys train/trained alone in gear. Make sure you set the safety pins right or you will die.

Find a new gym or group of lifters that powerlift if you’re gonna compete single ply. You’re right…its no joke and a good way to get hurt w/o having help and instruction.

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I used to compete single ply when that’s all there was. On your own in a commercial “gym” - no fucking way.

One thing I learned about gear is there is a tighter groove and if you get out of it even slightly there is no muscling weight back into position.

Often, equiped dudes will mention squats in the suit with “Straps Down.”

Maybe you could get some work in this way, to get more accustomed to the equipped groove, without spending so much time getting ready.

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I trained alone squatting in a suit. Like @FlatsFarmer mentioned, straps down is a decent start. Typically you’d do a number of reps straps down during any training day just to start seating the suit.

I’d never bench alone in a shirt mostly because there is zero chance of getting a shirt on without someone else to help.