Equipose vs Deca

What is the difference between the 2. Can Equipose give you prog. gyno? Can I keep using proscar with Equipose, I undestand with Deca it is not a good idea. Also can Equipose give you deca dick? Can’t find much info on Equipose. Thanks.

Come on guys, someone must know something about Equipoise.

I’d try the search engine. I’m pretty sure it has been discussed, same exact question really, not that long ago.

What’s deca dick?

Deca at higher doses is known to reduce libido. This may be from progestagenic effect
but the cause is not proven. 400 mg/week
seems to be an average cut-off point of
how much someone can use and get away with it.
A few have problems with as low as 200 mg/week,
and one guy swore up and down to me that he
was perfectly happy and had no problems with
a gram of Deca per week. That is highly unusual though.

Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate). Vet. steroid. strongly anabolic, moderately androgenic. avg. dose 200-400mg/wk. i couldn’t find any reason not to use proscar and i couldn’t find anything to lead me to believe deca dick would be a problem. I’d go on, but there is a ton of info if you know where to look. check out elitefitness under the “featured sites” header. that’s only one of a lot of places. good luck.

Boldenone is for the most part not metabolized by 5a-reductase, so there is no point in using
Proscar to deal with effects of boldenone.