Equipose - Ultragon

I searched for information on Equipose on this website and forum and found almost nothing. I’m wondering if it is good to use it after coming off of 3-4 weeks of 25mg/day of dbol. From what I’ve heard, it gets you lean and brings out the veins and is good to use after ceasing dbol. Any experience with Equipose?? Why is it so down low??

Well, I dunno… there at least 20 articles on the website that talk about Equipoise at least somewhat, and I think 10 or more posts on the forum.

Basically the fastest way to clarify this is
that steroids really don’t have unique properties unless it is side effects not affecting muscle building. There’s no steroid that
is uniquely excellent for getting lean or bringing out vascularity or anything else. Take another drug that binds the same receptors and you get the same result.

There’s no steroid that’s particularly good after, in particular, Dianabol… the body
doesn’t really care what steroid you had
been using before when you switch to a new one
so far as I have ever been able to tell, nor
is there any mechanism by which it could make
a difference.

Equipoise is a veterinary steroid of potency (effectiveness per milligram) comparable to
Deca and overall a rather comparable product.
It does not share Deca’s unique property
(a side effect property) of being largely
deactivated in the scalp by 5AR, so it
doesn’t share Deca’s “friendly on the hair”
property but instead is like most other synthetics.

In short, there’s nothing secret or mysterious going on with this steroid.

Actually, on reading my response, it occurred to me I was wrong on one point.

I have seen cases where it’s made a difference what steroid one had been using before switching to or adding another one. Namely,
if you use a Class I steroid, with no class II,
for a while (even one week) then when you
add in Class II you get a sudden “explosion”
practically that you wouldn’t have gotten if
you’d been using a Class II previously.

E.g., take Dianabol only for a week, then
take Anadrol + high dose oxandrolone the next week. You will see no “explosion” as the
second week starts.

But take really high dose oxandrolone one week, then Anadrol + high dose oxandrolone the next
week, and you will see this “explosion.”

Now do you gain more than if you’d been on
an effective stack – Class I plus Class II –
all along? No. But it seems like the pre-use of Class I-only does get the body “primed” for this
rapid growth better than Class II-only does.

So in this sense it can make a difference what steroid you were using before.

However, in the case of using Dianabol-only,
I don’t really think so, though it’s possible
that if you’re not going to do as you should and stack Class I with Class II but use only
one, you might do better alternating to a Class I.

I do not know that however because I never advise people to use only Class I or Class II
so I have zero examples except for the case
of guys who have been using Class I only, for example Primo or Deca or oxandrolone, and then added in Class II. They always get a nice suddent gain.

I did a little research on ultragan. It is an Australian steroid claiming to be equipoise. I’m not sure if it is the same one you were talking about in your “topic” heading. I believe it is Ultragan-100 or 100mg/ml. Equipoise is 50mg/ml. Ultragan 100 is methandriol dipropianate not boldenone undeconanate as is equipoise. Methandriol diprpionate is just 5-AD with an ester attached to it. Just be sure you don’t get ripped off. A friend of mine bought that shit.

Bill, i was planning on doing 500mg/week of Sustanon with 25mg/day of Dianabol for three weeks. two questions: should i do more dbol like 30mg/week for only two weeks?? and should i split up the dosages of sustanon into two 250mg injections like on Mondays and Thursdays since some of the esters are short-acting?? Then i was going to drop the dbol, add in a Class I steroid, like Deca or Equipose, and keep taking the sustanon until 8 weeks is up. i’m taking clomid starting on week 4 at 50mg EOD and doing post-cycle for 2 weeks at 100mg EOD. does this cycle sound good for someone looking to gain 25 lbs.?? any suggestions Bill??