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Equipose Ineffective


Hey all,

I'm new to theT-Nation forums (but certainly not to T-Nation itself). So, I'm going to cut right to the chase. What is the deal with EQ. I've been researching this gear for nearly a month now and have been vacillating between it and more hardcore gear (i.e. test, dbol, etc.)

The thing is, I consider myself a good candidate for it. I have good genetics; I'm 5'7" and weigh 170 lbs. I'm have a good solid base. I can gan muscle very easily and i've been training for eight years. Finally, I am patient so I'm willing to work with EQ's slow gains. Basically, I just want to give myself A LITTLE edge to put on some mass and avoid needless side effects.

Opinions ?


5'7, 170 lbs. Unless you are fucking shredded you should have no problem gaining more lean mass naturally.

Eat more.


EQ is the worst drug to use, if you want to avoid needless side effects. If you gain muscle easily, take iron's advice and eat more and train.


what sides do you expect from a test cycle while using a proper dosage of ai?


Eq is a slow acting, weak steroid. What are you hoping to get out of the cycle?


I am looking to make slow, steady strength and muscle gains but nothing too excessive. My goal weight is 185 lbs. I used to be around that weight but it was difficult to keep my body fat low.


I heard equipoise is the most suppressive steroid of the HPTA compared to other steroids yet it is one of the weakest steroids.

Doesn't seem like it's worth the trade off.


Didn't you say you could gain muscle very easily?


Anyone who is above 5'5 should .not have an AAS assisted bulk goal of 185.

You said you gain muscle easily...so do it without the gear until you're bigger and actually justify a cycle.

And when that time does come. Don't use EQ.


I have used EQ in the past and it sucks. Use test, deca, tren, hell anything else is better. The only time I would use EQ is if I was adding it with everything else and even then...


EQ raises my BP and gives me anxiety. I won't touch the stuff, not worth it for the minimal gains.


Finding real EQ is sometimes difficult, its effects are subtle enough it is usually faked with Test. Most users here have never had real EQ they just added a little extra test in their cycle.

And even if they have, it will be mostly pump, fat burning, and oxygen delivery.

Used at a decent dose, 400-800mg/week, it stacks extremely well with Test. I would use it for bulking over Deca as Deca has very negative sideeffects over all. On its own it lacks complete activity to produce a high level of gains.

Appettite is the most noticeable effect, you will be noticeably hungry with EQ even more so than test or dbol. And it is a very decent type I anabolic. Many pros run high dose EQ as their type I in the offseason over deca. Pump will also be all day and dramatic in the gym, the volumization is very significant at decent doses.

It does aromatize, but insignificantly, especially over test, and as test should be in the EQ cycle, there would be an AI anyways.

Saying EQ has high risk ? Unfounded, it is test based and can barely aromatize and when it does it converts to standard estrogenic compounds. Only difficulty is long half life from UNDEC ester. Most often faked with Test of long esters at lower doses, generally stacked with test...low risk compound.

Used with high dose test for bulking or by athletes looking for oxygen delivery and performance.


EQ provides minimal gains in comparison to Deca IMO.

EQ drastically increases rbc...as does test. So running both at high doses, yea, seems like sides are probable.

Deca never gave me sides like you're indicating, other than bloat. The whole deca dick thing is non-existent for me. Hard as a rock lol.
Plus, deca makes me strong as shit.


I have heard people say Deca-Dick only happens to people who stack deca with too little or no testosterone..


I second this. I have run real EQ as I had it tested in a lab and it was legit. Deca gives me far better strength gains and size even at the same dose. I will say the pump was very noticeable with EQ. Deca bloats me some, but never experienced decadick either.


good genetics

pick one


Deca almost always has progestinic sides and it almost never clears the body quickly. NPP is better for clearance rates but is rare.

EQ is test based, will have a lower incidence of sides in most users, red blood cell count is not an issue if you are trying to grow, you are unlikely to ever actually experience any clogging of the arteries from having too many red blood cells, otherwise elite athletes would have significant issues.

BP sides occur more from heavily androgenic compounds and any BP issues from EQ or Deca would be most likely related to fluid retention effects.

Gains will not be as good as deca, but will be more solid tissue, Deca tends to grow tissue like estrogens do, mostly volumization and hypertrophy by fluid and nitrogen. Very useful actually, but simply a different method of growth. If you want progestin based growth you use tren. Deca is outdated.

Youre anabolics like deca and EQ are for creating an environment where tissue grows easily, they are the potatoes to your other cycle meat.

Deca dick is from elevated prolactin and can be dealt with easily using a dopamine agonist.


Useful info no doubt, it just seems like anyone I talk to who has ran EQ hasn't noticed a whole lot besides added vascularity and pump (which of couse are both nice).


Hey guys,

Looking for a $.02

On a Test E/TrenE/Eq stack, where would you expect to see your quantities? Assuming E3D for a 12 week cycle. I am looking at 250/250/250 weekly. With a frontload.

Thanks, seems like there is knowledge on EQ in this thread that I havent been able to find with Search.