i am currently weeks into a winstrol cycle of injections of 2cc’s a week i already know this is to little for a big effect and i should be doing 4 to 5 cc’s a week correct? As well i was thinking of buying some eq in mexico and stacking that as well, i weigh about 285 with a good amount of fat my bench is at 370 right now and i work out five times a week as well as just recently lots of cardio.my second question is this a good combo and what results should i expect to see?

what are your goals? I am going to assume loosing the fat, getting cut, etc. Doing 2 ccs of winny a week if it is 50 mgs is not enough. A minimum should be 50 mg every other day (EOD). I personally think all cycles should include test from my own personal experiences.

I have done single steroid cycles with eq, deca, tren, and all of them just don’t compare to a test plus eq, deca, or tren cycle. I definitely think that test is a great fat burning steroid as well, and if it were my self i would up the winstrol, add 500mg of test E a week and I think you would be very happy.

I dont think adding eq to your winny only cycle will give you much more results than you are already seeing, but I have never done eq, winnie cycle. Hope this helps. also don’t forget your pcts.