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Equipoise+Prop for Fighters


I'm on my fifth out of six weeks of the Equipoise 300 mg/per week + Prop 200 mg per week cycle.
This is my first cycle ever which I compiled based on T-Nation interview with traner X ( steroids for MMA ).

The problem is that I don't feel any positive effects on training ( alone the sexual arousal )
Is it what was supposed to be?
For the next time - what cycle would you reccomend for fighters?


Well, I don't know about cycle especially for fighters, but I do know that 200mg Test Prop a week ain't exactly much.

The EQ takes about 4-6 weeks to kick in and your Test P dosage seems a little low to me.

Just my 2 cents


I see..The trainer X recommends maximum of 600 mgs per week (roids alltogether ), so for the first cycle I tried 500 mgs. But still it surprises me there is no effect really. What dosage you would recomend ( and minimum cycle length )


I read eq takes 12 weeks to be effective. Im a fighter as well and that was the first article i read when i was planning my first cycle. Im on hgh plus 10 weeks of test prop and 6 weeks anavar right now. Ive realised aas is not really suitable for mma training unless you use it for strength gains. My thai trainer has a training routine that floored me when he told me how much work it entails everyday. Conditioning takes time and hard work taking aas just wont cut it.


"My thai trainer has a training routine that floored me when he told me how much work it entails everyday"- I didn't get it, can you please elaborate on that.
I never trained MMA, I'm into boxing, sanda, muay thai. Do you think AAS are not suitable for these sports? What am I actualy supposed to feel?


I understand u are taking aas to improve your endurance? My mt trainer runs 16km in the morning, spar and bag work for 3 hours, skip for 30mins straight after lunch, 3 more hours of sparring and pad work, evening run, 500 situps and even more pushups every day 6 days a week plus 3 days a week weights in the evening for the years he was fighting pro without missing a day. All without steroids.
I wanted to take roids to train like that but now i dont think thats what aas is for. Aas wont help with conditioning. Ive pretty much drop my mma training and focusing on weights for the rest of my cycle.


Im going to try sonething like this for my next cycle when i prepare for a fight. Based on what ive read this is the closest to what fits my goals.


Basicly, most of my knowledge on AAS for fighters is from that article. Much info are on the web about roids and BB, but close to zero about AAS and fighters. What I got from the article is that many fighters are taking it to improve endurance, for mental recovery and for general recovery as well. I thought it will let me train more every day.
Can you recommend any other sources on that? What are you taking it for? Where do you get your info on cycles from?

What you said about your MT trainer is completely correct, that's how they are training in Thailand...


Im not trying to be the best at exercising


That Steroids for Fighers articles is bunk and totally ridiculous.

MMA is a multi-disciplinary sport which requires various facets of athletic and technical abilities.

What steroid you use and how much of it will depend entirely on your goals and weaknesses you are working on. Someone looking to gain muscles mass, increase strength, help recover an injury, change body composition, increase work capacity etc... will have totally different needs.

I suggest you carefully outline your goals in the sport and then figure out which steroids are best suited to achieving those goals.


What i might do next is a combo of test e, primo and tbol.


It's called conditioning son.