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Equipoise Only Cycle?


A little background first:
I ran my last cycle a year ago. I stayed off the anabolics since then because my last cycle triggered conglobata, and I spent all these months dealing with it (it's finally dead, now dealing with the scarring)

I want to run something, but I want something as side effect free as possible. I am very responsive to both androgenic and aromatizing side effects. Even just 500mg of Test per week will cover me in acne and leave me bloated like a mother.

So I was thinking, what about an EQ only cycle, 400mg/week for 12 weeks?
I'm not expecting huge gains, a clean 10lbs would be ideal.

I guess most people would tell me to include at least a HRT dose of Test, but honestly, I would rather stay away from it. One of my greatest concerns is that if I take Test, it will reflare the conglobata.


EQ is a good choice in terms of sides, although many people think acne is caused mostly by improperly regulated estrogen. It doesn't really matter which steroid you use. They're all the same. Except that a few have unique effects, an some don't convert into estrogens, and others don't convert to DHT. I'd try Test only, but start the cycle out using 1mg of letrozole per day. If you still get acne, add finastride, if you really really have to.

If it's the androgenic portion of test that's causing acne, all steroids will cause acne for you, because they're all androgenic. If you're set on using EQ, adding 200mg of test even will help your gains.

If you use EQ, add some dbol for the first four weeks of your cycle, and the last four weeks. Don't use any EQ for the last four weeks. A 16 week cycle is a better idea with EQ. Also, make sure you frontload during the first two weeks using Bill Roberts's equations.

If you can get boldenone cyp, that'd be a much better choice. It's easier to use well.


I've tried using Adex and Finasteride to combat the acne and it didn't work.

The only thing that killed it was a megadose of Isotretinoin (over 2mg/lb), which left me feeling like complete shit. Now that it's dead, I'm still on a maintenance dose of Isotretinoin 0.5mg/lb and 100mg of Doxy ED


Then you might get acne with boldenone also. You can use antibiotics on cycle if you're not using any orals or taking any other medication. If the acne is mostly on the face, check out topical tretinoin.

Drol might be an option. It's the steroid least likely to cause MPB, so I would think it's the least likely to cause acne. It causes a lot of other bad side effects though. Because drol is probably directly esrogenic, I would suggest using nolvadex with it, instead of arimidex.

Dbol is almost as safe in terms of male pattern baldness and isn't directly estrogenic and progesteronic the way drol is. I would never try drol, but from what I hear it's almost the same thing as dbol, except it's shitty. People hate on oral only cycles, but 60mg per day of dbol is a decent cycle. You could pulse it 4 on 4 off.

From what I've gathered, the steroids least likely to cause MPB are (from least to most):

anavar (high dose)


MPB, while a worry, is not my main concern. My main concern is acne, and especially a conglobata reflare.

I haven't given an oral only cycle any thought for 3 reasons:

-Cost Effectiveness
-Gain quality
-Bunk gear. I've seen and even bought bunk orals in past cycles.

I'd rather stick to injectables for these reasons. I don't mind the pinning.


Drol is murder on the hairline for many people. Not everyone obviously but it should not be at the top of that list.

If you are really that sensitive to acne and bloat, I think your best choice would be a deca cycle with HRT test. I've NEVER seen anyone get severe acne from deca and moderate test. Using an AI is reccomended, but 1mg of letrozole per day? That's pretty excessive, and more likely to go the other way in terms of sides.

Steer clear of drol and dbol though, they are likely not going to suit you, although you never really know.


I was never prone to acne and got cystic acne from 200mg a week enan, and not whilst on 800mg t400 per week.


I'm torn between just EQ or Deca + HRT Test

Either way, I'm sticking to under 500mg of anabolics/week. Like I said, I want to keep things on the safe and clean side


Searching around the forums brought me to someone with the same condition as me: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/test_e_eq_cycle_advice

I guess this is what I'll try:

Week 1 - 12: Test E 250mg/week
Week 1 - 11: EQ 400mg/week