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Equipoise Only Cycle


Im on week 5 of my EQ only cycle and I just thought I would post up here and share some of my experiences. I would also like to hear from anyone who has done an EQ only cycle. Right now Im pinning 2x a week @ 300mg. I just didn't like putting 3cc of oil in my quad and I dont mind needles so 2x weekly is fine with me. I was eating pretty clean before I started my cycle but since starting I have been very strict about what I'm eating.

My experience so far has been good. I know it's early but so far my endurance is up, strength has increased and I've dropped weight (which is what I want). I haven't experienced any sides so far. I'll keep you guys updated as I get further into my cycle.

P.S. Im not new here but using a new name since my other name had too much personal info in several posts.


Keep it updated in depth. Be of interest to many :wink:


Have you run a test E or C cycle ONLY to compare the two, because they are so similar. If i am not mistaken, EQ has less adrogenic effects. I am curious if labido would be less and/or aggression, or if you dont really notice a difference at all between the two(EQ and Test E/C).


I have not done a Test cycle. This is actually my first cycle....sorry I wont be able to compare to a test only cycle. After reading this article (http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny_grok/steroids_in_mixed_martial_arts) and talking with some friends who are special forces guys in the military and a few who fight MMA who have run EQ only and loved it I decided to give it a try.

My goals for this cycle are almost purely to gain performance. I would like to become faster, gain endurance and gain strength. I would also like to lose some bodyfat % and look good naked but that is more of a side effect of the performance gains I'm hoping to make.

I know its early in the cycle but I haven't experienced any libido crash at all. In fact I think I'm hornier now than I was before I started. The girl I'm dating will attest to that. I'll definitely let you know how it goes later in the cycle.

I was wondering if you guys would recommend running HCG during an EQ only cycle? If so how much and how often would you run it?


You should be hornier.

First cycle and using an ANDROGEN like Boldenone, you should. You may experience a drop after about Wk 3 or 4.. (not definitely, as i am not sure about Boldenone's activity as it's main androgenic metabolite - Dihydroboldenone [IIRC]).

I am one if the few posters here who is fine with non-T cycles. Fine as in i do not disagree with them.

Many are 'purists' in that they think that injectable Test'one should be included in every cycle and if there is one drug only.. then it should be T. it is after all T that makes us men, but there is a lot to be said for derivatives! :wink:

Of course, HCG or at least proviron should be included for best results:sides ratio. (I ran a number of successful 6 week Nandrolone Decanoate [yes, 6!!] and Proviron cycles - fantastic lean muscle increases, and while strength increases aren't like Tren, it is ample when looking for performance other than just how much one can bench.

So yes - i would improve your cycle by adding 250iu of HCG mon, wed, fri from now until the end.

JMO :wink:


Please do keep us updated, I'm interested to see what your end results are.


Does anyone know what class of steroid boldenone is? Bill's description on mesomorphosis states the following;

"I cannot at the moment comment on whether the effect it does produce is owed to strong binding at the AR or to effectiveness in promoting non-AR-mediated mechanisms for growth".

So just wondering if he or anyone can update us?


It still puzzles me why people are so scared of Testosterone. I'm not opposed to what you're doing. I just feel you are running all the same risk for half-or-less-of the benefits. Good luck!


Just an update for you guys:

Im heading into week 8 of my EQ only cycle with a dose of 600mg/week. At this point my endurance is up, I have more energy, my recovery is much quicker, my strength is increasing AND Im losing fat. I have an increased appetite but not quite as much as I expected. I have actually dropped 20lbs of fat and gained 7lbs of muscle since I had my last BF% test (which was a couple months before I started my cycle but most of my gains have come in the last 2 months for sure).

I also haven't experienced any negative sides. No loss of my libido and my balls are still full size! I actually did add 250iu 2x weekly of HCG into my cycle this week and will run it till the end.


Methylating a steroid weakens its binding to the AR allowing more to be active 'elsewhere' ie. Class II activity, or non-AR activity.
Seeing as Dbol is a Class I and it is methylated Boldenone, I would consider Boldenone a class II steroid (or at least more a CII than dbol is due to the methylation).

That said, I see where BR is coming from as when you look at it's synergistic properties, it seems to have synergy with steroids in both classes.

BR also suggests similar properties in Stanazolol too.. and on checking i see no obvious structural similarities that may make this clearer.

I do happen to believe though that this classing system is not as binary as many seem to think, with it (as with most things in the area) being more of a range of binding affinity.

Maybe it will become clearer once we know all the different mechanisms by which AAS exert their anabolism.



Great stuff brook. Nice to know there's another class II injectable.


Careful there! That is just me rambling - be wary of taking ANYTHING i say as gospel! haha!

It is how i am, i think out loud, most of my posts are me working shit out for myself in my head and sharing that so people my pick something out from it.

That is not to say that there is no fact in there, as there is - but the part about Boldenone being CII simply because when it is methylated (as Dbol) it is a CI is a small leap of faith, to say the least.

BR is the man who came up with this system of classification, so he would be the first i'd consult (as i am sure his opinion on Boldenone has changed since writing that article).

The post is 'IMO' - so just bear that in mind if you intend to repeat that bold is definitely a CII steroid.

(of course some dont even consider the 'dual classification' system to be of any accuracy or use, so that too may want to be considered if repeating it!)

I do stick by the suggestion that the classification system works better as a sliding scale of AR binding strength (or affinity) than as a 'yes or no' system; as two synergistic groups (as clearly some do not fall within the two circles).

Methylation DOES reduce the AR binding strength, so it would be fairly safe to assume (to the best of my knowledge) that all methylated steroids are at least MORE class II than class I.

I will have to look that up actually, as i am not clear if it is methylation in and of itself or 17-alpha (alkylation) methylation that does this, with (for example) 1-methylation not having this effect (like proviron for example which is 1-methyl dihydrotestosterone).

(As i said, rambling!)



do you have any problem with muscle pumps @600mg? I had to stop since I couldn't stand the back pumps I was getting. Now I can seem to get rid of the acne it gave me even though it's been a couple weeks now. Don't know if it's high E2 or low. I hate just randomly taking Arimidex. Weird because it's supposed to be known to aromatize less than T. I was liking the results though, fat was going away!


If you are talking about Methandrostenolone aromatising less than Testosterone, that is absolutely true, but what it also means is that when it does aromatase it does so into 17alpha-methyl Estradiol, which is a much stronger estrogen than standard Estradiol.



Scrap that - this is an Eq thread! lol


I was under the belief Class I referred to primarily AR dependent activity. The statement in parentheses makes it seem like Boldenone is the methylated steroid, when it is not (which you stated in the earlier sentence).


Yes sorry, just a typo. I meant to say:

"Seeing as Dbol is a Class II and it is methylated Boldenone, I would consider Boldenone a class I steroid (or at least more a CI than dbol is due to the methylation)."

I don't think it looks like i am suggesting Boldenone is a methylated steroid, but that Dbol being methylated Equipoise, is.

Whatever it looked like, this is what i meant.. :wink:


I haven't had any problems with muscle pumps at my current dose. I haven't really seen an increase in acne either. I would get a few zits here and there on my shoulders and back before I started my cycle and it's about the same now.

I am thinking of possibly adding 500mg Test E in for the last 12 weeks. Do you think this would be a good idea Brook?


Well.. it depends.

On looking over your OP i see that you are happy with the results so far, so there is a "dont fix what isn't broken" message there somewhere..

Plus you said you have lost weight (better body comp i assume) and this was the main goal - so what do you want from more AAS - namely one that is aromatisable to a large degree and is capable of dramatic body changes when compared to an anabolic like Equipoise?

Also how long are you looking at running in total, as you are on week 5 now and you say you are planning on another 12 weeks or so.. so are you planning on a 17-18 week cycle?
If so, then yes i would change the drugs i was using at (for example) each 6 week mark, or maybe at the 9 week mark - but this is not all i would change of course as drugs are a very small part of ones goal.

So the ramifications on other aspects of the cycle may be (for example); if you add T'rone, do you know how to control and manage the side effects you are likely to experience at some point or another?
Do you have the drugs available to do so and also do you have the know how to best recover after such a suppressive run?

Have your goals changed and how will your diet and training adapt for the changes in the cycle, if at all.

I am not trying to trick you i swear, but simply suggesting some of the things i automatically think about when you suggest adding T'rone for the last 12 weeks of a run that has so far (and quite successfully) lasted 5 weeks on just Equipoise.

What is the main focus here? Is it to do a 18 week cycle? Is it to run Eq? Is it to lose weight? is it to gain muscle?
Or did you simply begin injecting Eq and now on reading more you want to add some T? That is fine too, but you need to be prepared for the effects you can get from doing so at this point.



You've given me quite a bit to think about. I'm 8 weeks into my EQ cycle and was thinking of doing the last 12 with 500mg of Test E. I have nolva and have been running 250iu of HCG 2x weekly. I will also get some adex to run with the Test. I hadn't planned on changing my diet or training. I cleaned up my diet when I started the cycle and have been eating paleo since. My training is basically crossfit football (more strength bias than regular crossfit) mixed with 2 interval sprint workouts a week. My goals are to drop to 8% bodyfat from 14% and gain lean mass while cutting that fat. While doing that I want to get faster, stronger and more explosive for sports like football, baseball and basketball.